A Beginner's Guide To Makeup Brushes: Part II

In Part I, Angela Levin (the makeup artist Chanel trusts with their celebrity clientele) demonstrated how to blend, line, and otherwise enhance our eye areas, and now for Part II (and a bonus—yes!) she demonstrates why kabuki brushes exist. Listed below are a few notes for reference, but watch the videos for the exciting live-action loading and application demonstrations of five non-standard-issue face brushes:

-A combo-bristle blending foundation brush is great for creating a diffused, thin veil of coverage—use circular motions for application.

-The angled powder brush can be used for face powder or for bronzer application. Load both sides and sweep back-and-forth across skin.

-The fan brush is great for subtle contouring.

-Clean your flat, stiff foundation brush after applying the foundation but before blending it out. That way you're not just pushing product around.

-Chanel's Retractable Kabuki Brush is perfect for touch-ups because it closes, saving leftover powder from the initial application for midday dustings.