The Slick Spritz


Want to know the problem with lotion? Greasy palms. I’ve tried to avoid the inevitable overly moistened (ew) handshake by slathering the substance on using only my forearms, but then there’s the problem of getting behind the shoulders, which no amount of YogaGlo will ever render physically accessible. And so I’ve turned to body oils in spray bottles.

Kai Body Glow is my favorite. It smells like Hawaii bottled. Its mixture of jojoba oil, aloe, chamomile, and cucumber extract leaves lightly moisturized and scented skin. It feels like freshening up after a sea swim instead of sweating in city streets. The Body Shop’s Wild Argan Oil The Radiant Oil For Body & Hair is made with argan oil and again, smells amazing. Though oilier than Kai, it’s better for dry weather. It’s also a twofer: spray into your hair for a smoothing serum-like effect. Another option is to take your mom’s good ol’ sesame formula Neutrogena Body Oil and pour it into a spray bottle.

Choose one of two application methods: step out of the shower, spray, then pass through the clouded mist like a child would with a sprinkler head (except no running on tiled floors). Or, spray directly to the body while still slightly wet—I do three sprays on each arm and leg. Either way, rub in, then towel off for moisturized skin with no remaining residue.

—Alexis Cheung

Photo by Tom Newton.