The Hair Mask That Won't Stain Your Pillows


Despite my better instincts, I do not treat my hair nearly as well as I treat my skin. I rarely point a dryer at parts of my body other than my head and heat with reckless abandon, and masks, I reserve for my face. Plot twist: The Rene Furterer Karité Intense Overnight Nourishing Treatment. It calls itself a mask, but I suspect in a former life it was actually just a small town styling balm with a heart full of hope and a dream of one day making a name for itself in the big city. Using what it calls “dry technology,” the cream/gel hybrid goes on like a conditioner and almost instantly disappears into your hair. This, of course, made me so nervous initially that I may have over applied, but apparently my hair was so shot from being repeatedly ignored that it didn’t matter. Once it’s dry, you’re free to go about your business. Both Rene and I suggest sleeping in it—the grease-free finish won’t leave residue on your pillows and you can conveniently wash out come morning. Then you can greet your newly satiny, well-behaved hair, apologize for your past transgressions with the hot tools, and take it out for dinner.

—Emily Ferber