The Look: Rose In Rescue Beauty Lounge


Anyone who qualified as a 12-to-24-year-old circa 2003's America's Next Top Model Cycle 1 knows that typical model go-see protocol calls for simple jeans and a white u-neck tank. The blank canvas-ness help the designer and/or photographer imagine the model in their kooky fashion-y headspace without all the "personal style" fuss clouding their vision. Conversely, anyone who's let themselves enjoy a good ANTM marathon knows that models are real people like anyone else—sensitive scalps, personal style, and all. That's why it's always fun to see how models accessorize when they come by the Gloffice. Rose, for one, showed up last week in some killer snakeskin Nikes. Limited edition? Collaboration? Nope, DIY.

"They're Nike iD! I got my initials embroidered on the backs—R and S. They took six weeks to come, which was kind of disheartening, but you just design them online, order, and forget about it. Then it goes by so fast and suddenly you're like, 'Oh shit! My shoes are here!' It ends up being a nice little surprise. They were only $120, too, which isn't bad at all. My earring is from In God We Trust, and I got these rings off of Etsy. It's addictive, you can buy anything. I always had this idea that I'd start my own Etsy store with things I've made, like this little teddy for my cat, Lola. I was like, 'Cool, I'll sell these!' Then I quit half way through the second one because I got bored and never made another. She liked it when she was a kitten, but doesn't even use it anymore. Not a great spokesmodel. I bought a sewing machine and everything! Oh, and I can do that," said Rose, reaching for the nail polish.

DIY sneakers, cat toys, and manicures—she was even discovered via a DIY project, "When I was 15 my friend entered me in this shopping mall modeling competition and I ended up winning. There was no Facebook back then, we just monkeyed around taking photos for fun and she sent them in. And I won! [Laughs]" So is it really about LYFDIFY...Let your friend do it for you? That's probably the best route, at least when it comes to manicures, and at the very least when it comes to painting the dominant hand.

Rose Smith (The Society) in Rescue Beauty Lounge photographed by Tom Newton.

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  • Serena

    Love this post, combines two of my favorite things- ITG photos and RBL nail polish. Which color is Rose wearing in the first photo? It's a little hard to tell.

    • ITGFerber

      It's called "Will They Won't They"—it's a lilacy-lavendery purple

  • bijoux

    I like the shoes very much, although they look similar to my Bloch jazz dance sneakers :)

  • Lucia

    can you ask Rose where is the bracelet from? in love!

    • Jess

      It looks like David Yurman

  • Alyssa Thomas

    Love that in the first picture!


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