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The Look: Staz In YSL


'For so long makeup artists wouldn’t put lipstick on me at shoots because they were afraid of my lips, but I've always worn it on my own time. I've been thinking that, once this band stuff I'm working on actually starts happening, I’ll have a strong message to send and I’ll wear the most fluorescent, brightest lipstick color that I can wear so people can see me from across the room and they'll hear what I have to say.”

While not technically a lipstick, YSL's new Kiss & Blush mousse in Rouge Effrontee still sends a pretty strong message. It's kind of like the lazy girl's lipstick—that perfectly matte, powdery look that comes with the whole lining, applying, and blotting routine, but with the vivid color of a thick swipe, and no real effort beyond a swipe of the petal-shaped applicator and a judicious dabbing with your ring finger—which you'll then smudge across the sides of your face to clean off, because (if the name wasn't too much of a spoiler) Kiss & Blush is just as great for your cheeks. The perfect tour product? Staz left with the bottle, so we'll have to follow up.

Staz Lindes (Vision Los Angeles) photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on June 16, 2014.

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