What’s Your “Local” Beauty Look?


A curious thing happened to me this past Thanksgiving when I returned home and attended an unofficial high school reunion—I felt very...” New York.” I’ve heard a rumor that it takes five years to become a true New Yorker (though according to Gawker it’s 10), and I’m more than six years in. Whatever the criteria, my MAC Cyber lipstick definitely had me looking like a fish out of water in a Dupont Circle bar in Washington, DC.

The scenario got me thinking: are there certain beauty trends that are strictly regional? And if so (and I’m betting the answer to my previous question is a definite yes), what are they? Sure, going bold and dark may be a downtown New York thing, barefaced makeup is stereotypically French, and blonde and beachy is characteristically LA, but I’m talking specifics. Whether it’s dark lipstick, thick and penciled-in eyebrows, dip-dyed hair, or frosted lipgloss, what are some beauty trends you consider normal that you've noticed are not the norm away from home?

—Elizabeth Brockway

Photo by Mathea Millman.

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