Cedella Marley, Designer


“I’m a designer; I’ve been doing this for a long time. First it was Catch A Fire in the late ‘90s, which was women’s contemporary, then High Tide was swimsuits. Both were titled after Dad’s music. So this World Cup Collection for Marley Apparel isn’t my first time at the rodeo. I’ve been around. [Laughs]

I have four sisters and seven brothers; there are a lot of us. We all have our dad’s hands. It’s funny because we’re such a big family, when we meet someone who is our brother or sister we always look at the hands. We can tell! I think everyone knows he had beautiful fingers, but I don’t think people know how tiny his hands were—his hands were tiny, but the Marley fingers are very long and nails are square. I’m always using my hands, and I’m kind of low maintenance when it comes to other things because I feel like I can just do them myself at home, but I suck at doing my nails [laughs]. Facials, though, I only do if I think I need extractions or something like that.

My biggest thank you to my mom is that when I turned 40 she blessed me with my own oxygen facial machine. So I will just sit down and oxygenize myself. If I want totally glowy skin—the kind that I can do no foundation, no eye makeup and no lashes—that’s what I’ll do before I go out, and it works. I always do my chest first before I get to my neck and my face. You have to do your neck, not just your face. When you’re young you can get away without it, but as you hit, like, 30, you have to start—especially if you do sun. My one thing is that I won’t do the sun. I stay away. I will get a little and then come back inside. Being a dark-skinned woman, some people believe that I can go out and get as much sun as I want, but that’s not true. It’s damaging.

I’m not afraid to try products, but I tend to stick to products that are earth-friendly. I don’t like perfumes or dyes or that kind of stuff, which is why I love Clarins. They do a lot of plant-based products. And every month when I get my Dr. Perricone shipment I’m the happiest person—I get my products delivered every month automatically. The products don’t have all of that perfume, so they don’t smell great, but that’s fine with me—I would only mind if I wasn’t getting the results. I use the Cold Plasma Sub-D Cream for my neck. I also have the High Potency Evening Repair, which is awesome because you wake up the next morning and put your hand over your face and your skin just feels thicker. So at night I do the High Potency Evening Repair, then the Cold Plasma on my neck, and then the High Potency Amine Face Lift serum. I use that in conjunction with NuFace, which is this little gadget that basically sends currents into your skin. At first I thought it was BS. You have to use it for years and years and years, and it actually lifts the skin. It really does it! I do the eyebrows, around the neckline, the laughing jowls, and the cheekbones. But it’s about good genes, too. And it’s what you eat…it’s a combination of a lot of things. If it were really only one thing everyone would be walking around doing that one thing.

I also believe in cleansing. I’m a vegetarian, but I always consider myself more of a fruitarian than a vegetarian. A lot of that comes out in the way that my skin looks and feels. But I couldn’t eat papaya right now and walk out of here glowing and with a nice orange color—no. It’s a cumulative effect. It took years of me drinking carrot juice and eating carrots for it to show. Once my palms actually turn orange I know need to stop [laughs]. It’s not a good look. Spirulina, to me, has an immediate effect, though. I drink it every morning in my smoothies.

I love glowing. Even when I do my makeup I tell my makeup artist not to powder me. I like for my skin to just breathe. I couldn’t wear makeup everyday. I would rather put on the evening repair, put on some lip-gloss and go outside. I would rather someone say that my skin looks glowing rather than, ‘Oh, your makeup looks good.’ But I’m totally getting in to red lipsticks and false eyelashes right now—not the extensions, though, because they made my sister rub her eyes so much that her eyelids went bald [laughs]. I do love lash conditioners. I use the Talika Lash Conditioner and Neubrow Eyebrow Conditioner. I believe in having a nice, full, sexy brow. I like my Brooke Shields. My girl does threading. It hurts like hell, but I figure this way at least I’m getting some type of added exfoliation, right?

Now I’m on summer break, so I’m wearing braids. Always braids in the summer, it’s a good time to give your hair a break. My hair is natural, a little kinky, and it grows out instead of up. I’m a big Nioxin girl. I love it. I braid my hair a lot, so my edges break out, so my hairdresser said to try it because it stimulates your scalp. It’s good if you have thinning hair, or your hair is falling out. It’s a cool thing. You don’t see it advertised anywhere, but it’s a product that really works. But ultimately, it’s still genes. We’re mixed, so we get the in-between textures—kinky on top, then curly at the middle, and bone-straight in the back. It is what it is. That’s why all of my brothers have dreadlocks. If they walked around with their natural hair people would be like ‘What?’ I actually use my brother Ziggy’s coconut oil. It’s called Coco’Mon. You’re supposed to cook with it, but I’ve been using it on my scalp.

I exercise twice a day, seven days a week. Right now in the morning I do T25 and in the evening I do P90x. T25 is by that guy Shaun T. It’s 25 minutes, and it can be things like kicking or cardio. I do it with my girls—my seamstress and one of my assistants, Lindsay. In the morning we go into my garage that I converted into a gym. I make sure that it’s at least 80 degrees, which isn’t hard because we’re in Florida. We close the door and I turn on the Legend Remixed album. Then I always look in the mirror and think I’m stepping out and there’s someone right next to me that looks way hotter than I do. And what am I going to do about that? I’m going to kick ass! And then I do it! Sometimes I pretend it’s Control-era Janet Jackson. I look her up and down and I’m like, ‘Let’s go.’ I gotta get Janet Jackson’s ass! Gotta get Janet Jackson’s legs! [Laughs] It’s a way to psych yourself up. I feel silly when I’m doing it, but it works. Sometimes we’ll just have dance-offs. My sisters and I will play some music, we’ll be drinking wine, and then it turns into a dance off. It’s fun! My garage has seen some of the weirdest things that have ever happened; nobody would believe it.”

—as told to ITG


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  • B

    Her energy is amazing! Love it.

    And I second Talika's lash conditioner & you have to try their eye patches - they are AMAZING.

    Don't agree with "cleansing" per se, but her philosophy seems sound!

    Two thumbs up to this article.

  • Marlena

    Ah I love this! So much great advice, especially about how important sun protection no matter what your color is. So True.

  • Caroline

    Her skin really glows. Amazing :)

  • http://ontheeleventh.wordpress.com/ Ess Tee

    Glow on, ma'am! Glow on! Her smile also matches the radiance of her skin.

  • Diarrha Ndiaye

    i loved EVERYTHING about this. The Marley family has such great significance to me. Seeing and reading this top shelf entry, straight from the source, is almost surreal. The Marley fam tends to be hush, hush about their living habits and rituals. So big up to Cedella Marly (and her redish tresses)! And I, naturally, will be looking at the pretty fingers of the Marley clan moving forward. Weird. lol.

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    Wow, I'd like her skin pls!

  • kt mo

    Coco'Mon is AWESOME, i use it to cook, to moisturize and i made lip balm with it - i get the orange/almond scented and it's so lovely. Not-so-unpopular-opinion, Bob Marley is an actual deity where i come from, and anything i can read or hear or see about the Marley family is awesome. Cedella is gorgeous and the first person to say something about sun protection that i actually care about. i don't know why. Daughter of a deity, i guess.

  • thejulia

    I really loved this top shelf! I especially likes that she really treats her body well, not like the whole, oh I'm born with this and I just do whatever and eat whatever and I look like this (sure, maybe some people are like that, but that's not interesting). Dude, she works out like crazy, she devotes time and care to her skin and body, and you can tell! She looks amazing!

  • Layla Corcoran

    What is an oxygen facial machine and where do I get one? Her skin is luminous!

  • softy

    i am totally intrigued by her oxygen machine.

  • bluesky557

    I LOL'd at the Janet Jackson bit. That would motivate me too!

  • Shawna

    I, too, looked up oxygen facials after readings this. What a lovely lady!

  • disqus_kHkQi7Wx5N

    Gosh, she's gorgeous!

  • Lola

    Aah I love this post, thanks for making my evening!

    x Lola

  • kneelbeforetigers

    Thank you for bringing some shine to Ms. Marley! I attended one of her fashion shows YEARS ago here in NYC, and she is so talented. I was hoping she'd break bigger here in the States... but maybe now is her time.

    And WOW... could her skin be any more lovely? GLOW ON!

  • fm

    her philosophy is is true, it really comes down genes, however eating clean, using clean products and avoiding the sun are simple affect factors in aging beautifully. the marley family are beautiful and conscious people. love

  • someone

    who would have thought it --- her routine is so not chill. unexpected but cool to know

  • Jane T.

    So jealous of her oxygen machine, but let me report that Coco'mon is really amazing -- there's a Lemon Ginger flavor that is perfect for summer grilling!

  • Lili

    Lovely, must try nioxin & that Perricone stuff!
    I know lots of mixed men and women with very kinky hair, lol. There's no guarantee that a mixed racial makeup results in any specific hair texture. It can range from very kinky/tight curls to looser, corkscrew curls.
    Off to buy that nioxin now; I have been braiding my hair a lot lately and must watch my edges;)

  • Gina Carpellotti

    I want to dance with her in her garage!

  • elle

    My fave interview so far. The radiance of her personality really put a smile on my face and her skin is beautiful!


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