How Long Is Too Long When It Comes To Your Hair?


Other than that period just post birth when I went from a cue-ball head to a toddler with full curls, a few years in early elementary school when I adamantly wanted to shed the girly image that went with a blonde pony tail, and a horrifying haircut pre-sophomore prom, my hair has always been somewhere between clavicle and waist. I like having long hair. Yes, it can be a nightmare in terms of maintenance, but it actually might be a better option for the lazy—I get two haircuts (if that) a year. But sometimes I find myself feeling like my lackadaisical attitude towards haircuts takes me from care-free to crazy, gross, and eventually “Please take better care of yourself.” And I think I’m currently approaching (or past) that line, which is why I have an appointment to get a few inches lopped off this afternoon.

No matter how many times I’ve seen my hair cross into that no-fly zone, I can’t seem to pinpoint the border until it’s already too late. Is my waist the official “turn back now” line of hair growth? Does that line rise as I get older? Does appropriate length change depending on the person? So I turn to you ladies for your advice. When do you insist on getting a trim?

—Elizabeth Brockway