An Edible Arrangement


Intrigued by the possibility of a fruit-trimmed centerpiece, but not enthused about bouquets made entirely of daisy-shaped Dole pineapple chunks? No need to be ashamed; turns out the people behind Edible Arrangements aren't alone in their love of high-fructose decorative elements. Even florists who've never substituted grape kebabs for baby's breath enjoy a good bud and breakfast.

The trick for successfully incorporating other food groups into your decorative vegetation is just good, old-fashioned understatement. For example, the assemblage up top works because the overall composition is relaxed and the palette is subtle, so having date stems—the branches covered in tiny fruit—woven through the yellow peonies and foliage adds interest rather than being a huge distraction. It's kind of like the floral equivalent of power accessorizing, but with fewer statement necklaces and more things you can throw into a juicer when you're tired of looking at them. Now if we could only find a way to intellectualize cake pops...

Photo by Ariel Dearie.