Flowers + Fragrances: Amaryllis


Time for another visually appealing installment of Flowers + Fragrances , where we share a photo of an overwhelmingly attractive floral arrangement in the fervent hope that you will tweet, #repost, or pin it. “But... how is this about beauty?” you may ask. Well, it's marginally relevant because each bouquet gets paired with a fragrance. So there. This week, we have an elegant amaryllis-centric piece from Ariel Dearie Flowers:

Floral Elements

♦ Amaryllis

♦ Ranunculus

♦ Wild Clematis Vine

♦ Antique Footed Brass Vase

Ariel Explains

'Some of the strongest and most successful arrangements we make have only a few elements. These striped amaryllis really spoke for themselves, so we just added the wild clematis and ranunculus to create a bit of movement. I love how the clematis seed pods have these incredible plumes that move in an almost lyrical way?”

Get the Smell

Amaryllis doesn't usually have a scent, so get a little imaginative with L'eauParKenzo. Our reasoning for choosing this was that A) nobody comes up with perfumes inspired by unscented plants like The Kenz— Flower, anyone?—and B) L'eau is simple, delicate, and a little green, just like Ariel's arrangement. Though if you have other suggestions, just let us know in the comments.

Photo by Ariel Dearie.