Moisturizing Lip Balms

The other day we asked which lip balms you've tried have really, truly been the moist moisturizing, and almost 350 people responded with picks, tips, and piquant observations on life (is there another beauty site where a question about hydrating wax stuff would get a response like “I think humanity is not meant to ever find the BEST lip balm'? Further proof that ITG readers are the best).

We went through everyone's suggestions, counted up the votes, and now we're happy to present the 10 quasi-objectively most moisturizing balms ever to grace anyone's lips. Also, we've been trying your suggestions and, uh...turns out a certain Dior cuticle cream works really well on your face. See the top reviews below, and let us know in the comments if there are any we missed.

1. Aquaphor

Why it's a favorite:

'My reliable nighttime standby for flakey lips, dry cuticles, and chapped nostrils.”

'The most healing and longest lasting.”

'When my lips are dying, the ONLY thing that rehabilitates them is a few drops of unrefined coconut oil then a healthy swipe of Aquaphor.”

2. Nuxe Rêve de Miel

Why it's a favorite:

'Stays through the day and after eating lunch. Not glossy, just slightly dewy.”

'Absolute best for smell and texture.”

'I put some on before bed and my lips are always so moisturized.”

3. Lucas Papaw Ointment

Why it's a favorite:

'All-round multitasking balm for dryness. I have a 75-gram tub of it in every room in my house.”

'I can use Papaw even when my lips are too dry and crack open because this ointment cleanses, as well.”

'Makes my lips pinker, plus the tube lasts a century.”

4. Nivea Lip Butter

Why it's a favorite:

'Not slick, super moisturizing, and subtly scented.”

'Ideal for everyday and perfect under lipstick/gloss.”

'Doesn't require constant reapplication—3 times a day and I'm done.”

'Leaves my lips super soft and adds a subtle shimmer that looks especially gorgeous in the summer.”

'I usually don't like flavored lip balms but the Caramel Cream Kiss is my go-to right now—long lasting and smells great.”

5. Burt's Bees

Why it's a favorite:

'Has peppermint, so it's great before smooching someone.”

'Smells zingy and the yellow packaging cheers me up at work.”

'Really hydrating and never sticky.”

'So small, so cheap, works so well in cold, dry weather.”

6. EOS

Why it's a favorite:

'Perfect for everyday and has a yummy taste.”

'Fun to apply, smells good, and I forget I'm wearing it—which is the best part.”

'Affordable moisture—at this price point it's no big deal if one of my daughters decides to make it her own.”

'The most moisturizing one is the mint green.”

'All natural, without castor oil and beeswax.”

7. Homéoplasmine

Why it's a favorite:

'Protects my lips and makes them look healthy and plump.”

'Get the French version—hydrates instantly.”

'The only product that suffices in very dry climates.”

'I tend to get bumps around my lips due to sensitive, acne-prone skin, and this is the only thing that hydrates as well as keeps them clear.”

'I like to fantasize it makes me look very 'off-duty model'.”

8. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Why it's a favorite:

'Feels good, keeps lips hydrated, and has SPF.”

'Formula is lush, so it leaves a thick coat on your lips to seal in moisture.”

'Leaves behind a delicate, rosy tint that goes well with windburned cheeks.”

'Tinted version is perfect for day if you want to feel a little more 'done'.”

9. Smith's Rosebud Salve

Why it's a favorite:

'Not super greasy and your lips feel like heavenly satin pillows after.”

'Works as cuticle softener/moisturizer, as well. HOLY GRAIL.”

'Great to have on your dresser (not in your purse, where there's potential for spillage).”

10. Off-Label Repurposing...

Why they're favorites:

'I'm really into Dior's Creme Abricot. It's done such wonders for my cuticles that I put it on my ETERNALLY chapped lips, et voila.”

' CeraVe moisturizing cream. Absorbs fast and lasts forever, even though it's not made for your lips.”

'If your lips are super dry and you're at home, just put a little butter or coconut oil on them.”

'Put olive oil on your lips before bed—you'll be amazed how much it moisturizes.”

'Eye creams! I use Mario Badescu Olive Eye Cream on my lips because it's thick and rich.”

Photo by Elizabeth Brockway.