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Super Beauty Powers with James Pecis

Our perennial crush, coiffure king James Pecis, has once again inspired us to try something different with our hair, this time in the name of a good cause. His new stop-motion video for Space.NK and The Beauty Council illustrates the varied art of wet-hairstyling. While not everything in this video is “leave your house and be seen in public”-appropriate (specifically, the hair masks at 1:15), the looks do bring to mind the fun we used to have making mohawks, bubble 'hair,' and other bathtub ‘dos, as well as the editorial panache of Julien d’Ys and Peter Lindbergh's lost-at-sea collaborations. Take a second to check it out—with each click, Space.NK will donate to Women for Women International, a charity that helps women affected by wars and tragedy transition to self-sustaining, independent lives. We'll style to that.