Aerosmith's Cryin'

This Saturday it will be exactly 20 years since Alicia Silverstone's turn in the video for Aerosmith’s Cryin’ convinced all early '90s teen girls to pierce their navels (eat your heart out, Daria). And while some of us might disagree about the artistic merit of belly rings, we can all appreciate the everlasting excellence of the Steven Tyler/Joe Perry song.

Aerosmith always nailed it in the casting department, especially with Silverstone. She was featured in three videos alongside a slew of heartthrobs and total babes on the verge: Stephen Dorff and Lost’s Josh Holloway in Cryin’; Jason London in Amazing; and Liv Tyler in Crazy. Cryin' even netted Silverstone her most iconic role: Clueless writer/director Amy Heckerling hired Silverstone to play Cher after spying her bungee jumping in the video.

Though we'll remember the actress—who, coincidentally, turns 37 this Friday—for yellow plaid skirt-suits and a certain doomed Alaïa dress, we’ll never forget her run as a grunge icon. Cryin’ never looked so good, mom jeans, red plaid shirt, combat boots and all.