Pixiwoo's 'Dark Eyes & Lips Makeup'


Ever feel the need to go a bit dark? You’re feeling devilish and dangerous and want to express it with your face? One option (that doesn’t involve the makeup section at Hot Topic) comes by way of one half of the Pixiwoo duo, Nic Haste, who's got a great tutorial for how to apply the perfect dark eye and lip, for a complete look. Sure, it might be modeled after the fall trends and intended for cooler weather, but we say break out of the mold! We’re thinking dark makeup with a white dress and combat boots might be exactly what you need to make this summer interesting. (Also, Rooney Mara at last night's Met Gala?? There's your inspiration.)

The best advice we gleaned from our 10 minutes with this Pixiwoo vid is how to balance the lip with the eye, and vice versa. It may not take a rocket scientist to apply a perfect dark lipstick, but the question is what to do with the rest of your face. By themselves, a dark lip and eye can leave your skin looking a bit off and, if you're pale, perhaps a little too reminiscent of Vampira. On the other hand, you also don't want a face full of makeup. Pixiwoo (a Courtney Love favorite) shows how to go dark without going overboard. Plus, we love a good British accent.