Byredo Inflorescence

Byrdeo Inflorescence
Byrdeo Inflorescence

Spring is in the air! No time like the present to dust out your closet and, while you're at it, change up your fragrance game. And if you're more of a traditionalist and follow the warm-for-winter, light-and-fresh-for-summer scent mantra, Byredo just released what could very well be your new eau: Inflorescence. Designed by Ben Gorham to capture “a wild garden” and the “beauty of its blossoms, just as they reach their dramatic peak,” the juice offers a flower-infused (rose petals, pink freesia, magnolia, lily of the valley, jasmine) experience, without the threat of a runny noise, itchy throat, or watery eyes. (FYI, an “inflorescence' is a grouping of flowers on a stem. Now you/we know.)

Photo by Elizabeth Brockway