NY Fashion Week Lip Diary: Day 4

Emily Weiss in Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro
Emily Weiss in Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

Well, it's not snowing anymore, so THAT'S good, but it is raining. And everything is grey, from the puffer coats on fashion editors to the general haze in the sky to the glossy smoky eyes we just spotted backstage at Donna Karan (which were AWESOME). But my lips? My lips will not be stopped! They will persevere, and they will persevere with one coat, one blot, and one more coat of Giorgio Armani's Lip Maestro in #504, a rich fuchsia that perfectly complements my graphic black-and-white Céline sweater. And tonight, at Phillip Lim's “hip hop' after-party when the sweater comes off (there's a black tank under there—don't worry), the lip will most certainly be staying on. In fact, if you follow the above process, it'll probably stay on overnight—this stuff does not budge, but doesn't dry your lips out, either. At least on a day like today, one thing is controllable.

—Emily Weiss

Emily, wearing Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in #504, photographed in New York on February 11th, 2013. This series is s ponsored by Giorgio Armani.