And The Oscar Goes To...

itg <3s oscars
itg <3s oscars

Big plans tonight? Oscar parties? Oscar- Meyer parties?

Well, whatever you've got going, CUE THE DRUMROLL AND ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET because Team ITG is going to be live-tweeting the 85th annual Academy Awards, straight from the red carpet the couch. Because nothing says “beauty ' like eagle-eyed observation and subsequent 140-character commentary from the safety of one's own home. It's not about who wins or loses, it's about what you're looking like as you do it, right? (Jokes! Kind of...) Beauty and truth, friends, beauty and truth.

So, come join the party around 5:30pm EST at @IntoTheGloss (there will be face-masks, hair-masks, and some sort of full-body mask involved, should Alessandra—who's manning the Tweet Deck during the red carpet pre-show—be able to swing it and type at the same time, and by gosh, she'll try) and let's all cross our fingers for some seriously Hooray-for- Hollywood beauty moments.