What Are Your Resolutions?

ITG Resolutions Calendar
ITG Resolutions Calendar

So we’re officially a week into 2013 (!) and you know what our beauty resolutions are—and for the record, they're going great, thank you for asking— but we're wondering about yours. Did you make any? Do you believe in them? Have you broken any? WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU?

We ask because, well, we're nosy. Also because we're kind of fascinated with people's RESOLVE. If not now, when? And if not you, then who...right? Isn't that what each new year is supposed to encourage? Self-improvement. We already think you're pretty cool, but you live with yourself, so you know best where you need shaping up. Is it quitting a bad habit, encouraging a better one, or learning a new one? Cutting something out entirely or adopting something new? Is it an animal, vegetable, mineral... spiritual?

And, because we’re also resolving to be more generous (of spirit, and product, of course), whoever writes in with the best (funniest, most harrowing, most interesting, original, etc, etc) beauty resolution we love a good redemption tale, for starters will get a little gift set from us featuring some beauty swag to help you to stick to yours (or, if your resolution is more abstract, just some little petits cadeaux to pep you up). Anyways, we’re all ears: comment away!


_Submissions are now closed! Thank you so much for writing in, we're feeling very warm and fuzzy and impossibly inspired by you all. We'll have an update soon. _