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Live-Tweeting: Golden Globes Edition


So, Emily Weiss and Nick Axelrod will be live-tweeting the Golden Globes (oh, the beauty!) from @IntoTheGloss. Please, join us! And more importantly, join in and ask questions/comment/joke along with us. We're new to live tweeting!

Oh, and before we get back to our regularly scheduled Sunday Spa-Days (we have a hell of a good one for next week), we have a simple idea for everyone to do—in groups or alone—while watching the red carpet and awards ceremony: grab your favorite hand/body lotion, apply generously to your feet and toes, slip on a pair of not-very-important socks, and just let those puppies marinate for all three (to four) hours of the show. Then, wash off—your feet will thank you with a week-plus of silky smoothness.

Enjoy, and make sure to follow along with us!



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