Don't Be Jeal-y, Get Gel-y

Emily Weiss, Eniko Mihalik, Nick Axelrod
Emily Weiss, Eniko Mihalik, Nick Axelrod

Time to face facts: we’re totally crazy about a good-looking manicure. “ So?' you're thinking, “ then go get a manicure, if you love it so much.” Well, sometimes it's not that easy (and don't get all testy). No matter how much you love nail polish, ultimately it chips and cracks and crinkles off. So let's consider the hard-wearing, long-lasting gel manicure. “ But ITG, I don't want to go to the salon.” you're thinking, “ I don't feel like putting on pants today.' Worry not, our trouser-less friends! Now you can get your gel manicure in the comfort of your very own home, thanks to the indubitable Sally Hansen. (Fist bump.)

In case you missed it, ITG recently had a little bit of a nail party with Sally Hansen, first using their incroyable-clever Insta-Gel Strips and then with the professional-grade Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit (the very definition of dummy-proof), which brought us an entire afternoon of fun with famed talon-tamer (to the likes of Mariah Carey and Cate Blanchett) Tracylee and friend-of-ITG/fox/overall lovely lady Eniko (who really schooled us, by the way—some girls just know their way around an emery board/bottle o' varnish/gel strips, huh?).

The kit could not be easier to use, and by that we mean standard manicure maneuver: base coat, two rounds of color, top coat, pausing to cure each layer under the nifty LED lamp that comes in the box, and the manicure truly lasts for ages (two weeks and counting!). Perma-shiny, kind of shamefully easy, and best of all, you don’t have to make a nail appointment/put on pants/ talk to anybody unless you want to. How’s that for a little DIY? And that’s not all: _*we’re giving away 50 of these wünder-kits to our US readers! * ** _*because, you know, 'tis the season and all that.

And if you missed it, may we present ITG's nail party with Eniko and Tracylee:

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