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ITG Sunday Elemis quiet mind bath elixir jin soon bobbi brown mac givenchy masks
ITG Sunday Elemis quiet mind bath elixir jin soon bobbi brown mac givenchy masks

Did you have a good weekend? Us, too! You know what sucks? IT'S ALMOST OVER . The festivities are behind us (and in front, but we’ll get to that another time), and you're beginning to slip and slide oh-so-slowly into the Sunday Blues, which we happen to know intimately and Oh Boy Oberto!— they are bottomless. No use in putting in the effort to go out and do anything that fun (you have to go to work in the AM), and everybody’s doing their own thing in their own apartments, anyway. Our suggestion? If you can’t beat ‘em, out- beautify ‘em.

Take a night off (and in) with:


Note: It was just Black Friday, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier, so maybe that’s why we’re feeling dark and moody? But hey, go with it.

Here's your itinerary:

For those lucky souls with a tub to soak in, Elemis’ Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir is what the doctor ordered. It smells like patchouli and eucalyptus (but not in the way that your college boyfriend smelled like patchouli and eucalyptus), and something called “ho wood,” which the internet says is “Japanese camphor.” Hmm.

Up your luminosity (so that your face will be a glowing beacon of light come Monday) with Givenchy’s Black For Light Mask; one box comes with nine little pots of charcoal-colored foam-like masks, which promise to illuminate, unify (thanks to vitamins A, B, and C, which help brighten and even-out skintone), and refresh. The kit comes with a nifty little paintbrush, for mask-applying, and you get to relax (for 10-ish minutes) and not think about all the work you’re not preparing for tomorrow morning. You’ll be glowing all over the place, post-rinse.

Settle in with our recommended film for the occasion: [Cruel Intentions]( (because, why NOT Cruel Intentions? We are feeling the late-nineties right now, for beauty, and do you even remember how good ' Bittersweet Symphony' is?!). Then, pick a dark lacquer, any dark lacquer for an at-home mani-pedi. May we respectfully suggest Jin Soon’s cloudy grey/navy Rhapsody, Bobbi Brown’s smoky Black Pearl, or MAC’s Everything That Glitters?

Before you know it, you’ll have forgotten all about those Sunday Blues and be left wondering, where has Ryan Phillippe been all our lives?!


Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway.