CoverGirl Eye Pencil & Clé de Peau Concealer

CoverGirl eye pencil & Clé de Peau concealer
CoverGirl eye pencil & Clé de Peau concealer

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. “They” tend to say a lot of things, but this time they’re kind of right. Eye contact is important: people, whether consciously or not, are constantly searching each other’s eyes for signals. Think about flirting. Think about fighting. Think about how you avoid eye contact with strangers on the street because it feels almost like an invasion of privacy. Now, think about what you put around your eyes on the average day: concealer on any dark areas, varying amounts of eyeliner, mascara, maybe some eye shadow. For this High/Low, we’re taking on the first two.

As far as eyeliners go (and they go pretty far; you can find one for anywhere between $1 and $75), if you're looking for a basic black hue, ease of use, and staying power, CoverGirl’s Perfect Blend pencil hits the nail on the head. It’s $6.49 at Duane Reade, has a nifty smudger on the opposite end if you're feeling creative, and gets pretty smooth when you warm it up. Plus, it’s a pencil— you can sharpen it for a precise line if that’s what you’re into, and it's going to work all the way down to the nub. And if the liner gets a little smoky as the day progresses, all the better. There are worse things than day-after smokiness (ask Delfina, Daphné, or Irina). You know what’s worse? Concealer that creases, won't blend, rubs off, and leaves you, well, unconcealed.

Clé de Peau Concealer is $70 a stick, but when you’ve got something to hide, be it under-eye bags or a blemish or whatever (we're not prying!), it's precisely the time to pony up. Also, you won’t need much of it per use. If you've been following ITG for a while, you'll recall this sleek black twist-up is a staple on the shelves of every makeup artist, editor, and ‘fashion person.’ Made extra-creamy thanks to the Japanese company’s scientific-sounding Revitalizing Moisture Complex, the concealer comes in four shades (beige, honey, ivory, and ochre) and blends seamlessly into moisturized skin, in daylight and under a flash (no Nicole Kidman moments here). Sure, some people like to have under-eye bags (Inès de la Fressange, for one, has said she thinks they’re sexy), but for most, fatigue isn’t a good look . Thankfully, Clé de Peau has got us...covered. Pat it on lightly: it doesn’t crease, it doesn’t feel heavy it doesn’t look like you’re wearing any product at all. All the better for when you’re gazing deeply into somebody’s eyes.


Illustration by Karleigh Sherman.