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Stevie Dance Chantecaille
Stevie Dance
Stevie Dance Chantecaille
Stevie Dance
Stevie Dance Chantecaille
Stevie Dance


I am the type of woman who likes to bite into a peeled avocado like an apple and drink aloe water when my skin feels dry, sagged, or worn. It’s the island mentality, perhaps—I am Australian to the core and love sourcing solutions naturally.

I used to love just going for a run and then out with friends straight afterwards because my skin would feel alive, and that was my beauty regime. But recently—and I’m not sure if this is age-related or related to the fact that I’m now privy to more information than when I was growing up—I’ve become more active in researching alternative skin upgrades to my daily rituals. Right now, I am in Palm Springs, California for a shoot. It’s 115 degrees and I’m wearing head-to-toe linen, plus an Akubra hat, a wet bandanna knotted round my neck, and carrying an umbrella–clearly the girl who spent her whole youth in the sea and sans sunscreen is wising up to how precious one's skin really is.

I’m also armed with Chantecaille’s botanically rich, non-synthetic, paraben-free products, which I discovered when I was wandering through a beauty department and a lovely woman stopped me, pinched my cheeks and said I needed to “up the ante on the plump factor.” I had no idea what she meant; I’ve never been a “miracle cream” type of woman, but I agreed to try her suggestions. And now I’m a convert. Both the line’s superhydrating Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask and Biodynamic Lifting Serum make my skin feel revived and bright. I’m dabbing on the serum every day and night, and I often keep the mask on overnight. Does it look nutty? Maybe, but I have to say it feels great.

X Stevie

Stevie Dance is a New York-based stylist and the founder of

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