Isabelle Bellis' hair


Whenever we pay a visit to Isabelle Bellis (which is too rarely; those appointments are ridiculously tough to get), we're always struck, yes, by the wonders she performs with her hands, but also by the superstar facialist's intricate hairstyles. On a recent visit, we asked Bellis to tell us a bit about one of her main “passions/obsessions':

'I collect all hair accessories, but I really love hair combs. I pick them up at flea markets and antique stores while traveling. Many times, because everyone knows I have a fondness of hair accessories, I receive them as gifts from friends and family. I guess my relationship with hair accessories started as a child attending a typical, strict orderly French Catholic school, where girls were not allowed to have any loose hairs flying around. In a way, I turned a childhood of restrictions and requirements into one of my passions/obsessions. Actually, before I started in the beauty business, I used to be a hair-accessory designer for a large French company. Today, because of my very busy schedule and also because I'm always on the run, I use my hair accessories for practical reasons. But that doesn't mean wearing a functional accessory can't be fun and whimsical.”