Rabéa Didi, Attaché de Presse, Repossi

Rabéa Didi
Rabéa Didi

“I’m twenty-five almost, but people think I’m eighteen. My mother, all my family in fact, look super young. Every night I wash my face with Nuxe l’Eau Démaquillante aux Trois Roses, it’s a cleansing water with essential oils; I put it on some cotton. I think most of my girlfriends here in Paris do that—just use some tissue and natural water. I don’t put too much makeup—sometimes a bit of mascara, sometimes a bit of lipstick—I use the Chanel one, it’s the matte one…I don’t like when it’s shiny. It’s called Rouge Allure. For mascara I think I have a Dior one. And sometimes I’ll put on some black kohl around my eyes, to have smokey eyes—both my parents come from Algeria where that’s common. I also put some Argan Oil in my hair. My parents bring it to me from Algeria in a big bottle. And sometimes I wear some Coco Mademoiselle, but not every day.”

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