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Melinda & Sailor Love Dean

Melinda & Sailor Love Dean
Melinda & Sailor Love Dean

“I’m Native American, and there’s a Native American store on the Venice Beach boardwalk that I always walk past, where I’ve bought these leather hair ties in every color. I actually haven’t worn them in a long time, I got sick of them, but today I decided to pull them out. Sailor doesn’t have any yet but we’ll get her some eventually!

The tattoo on my wrist was a two-year anniversary gift to my husband; the string spells out 'Tyler' on the underside. It was kind of spur of the moment. As far as beauty goes, there’s nothing consistent—I’m always trying new things. I always stick to the natural stuff—I think that’s a California thing. I’m actually in school right now for holistic health and alternative medicine. I go to the farmer’s market and try out all kinds of organic beauty products. And my skin’s not temperamental which is great, because I don’t have to worry about something making me break out. Sailor uses California Baby products—we share it when we take baths together.”

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