Mélanie Huynh, Stylist

Melanie Huynh
Melanie Huynh

“The thing that is very important is to take off your makeup every evening, before you go to bed. And then when I wake up I just use [Bioderma] Créaline, after my bath or shower. Then I put on some cream—it’s a very natural cream—for night I use Yon Ka, and then for day I use Ducray, it’s French. My skin is very sensitive—I can’t put any eye cream around my eyes because I have a strong allergy, so I just use Avène. It’s not expensive at all. I always use a black eye pencil from MAC. And for my foundation, I use Estée Lauder. When I go out, sometimes I’ll do a lipstick—from Chanel, the one with Vanessa Paradis [Rouge Coco]. There’s a red one. And I want to try the new one from Kate Moss for Dior [Dior Addict]; I haven’t tried it yet. I think hair looks great when you eat healthy—I don’t do much to mine, but I eat really healthily—lots of quinoa, seaweed. I think everything comes from inside. But I’ve always loved beauty.”

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