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Agathe & Charlotte

Agathe Mougin and Charlotte Free
Agathe Mougin and Charlotte Free

Agathe and Charlotte, backstage at Moncler Gamme Rouge Fall/Winter 2011.

Charlotte Free: “I’ve had my hair pink or different colors for three years. I have to deep condition it a lot because it’s so fried—I’ve bleached it over twenty times. Yeah. We walked in today and they were like, ‘How do you want your hair?’ I came with mine natural, kind of curly, because fuck it, I’m not going to do my hair to go to a show. I normally do it kind of straight so they went with that. I never really wear makeup but every once in a while I’ll do crazy club-kid makeup—crazy eyes.”

Agathe Mougin: “I’m from Paris, born and raised. I’ve also had my hair like this for three years, short and shaved on the sides. Normally it’s just a big wave up on top, but today they did something a little different. I’m never wearing makeup…this is just for the show.”


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