Natalie Joos, Casting Director

Natalie Joos
Natalie Joos

“I’m Belgian so my beauty routine is very modest. I feel like Belgians are not makeup people; they don’t like to stand out or do crazy things. My fashion sense is definitely not Belgian but my beauty routine is. My girlfriends were the first ones to make me shave my legs when I was 15. They also taught me how to use Clinique’s 3-Step routine which I still follow but with different brands. Coming to New York, everyone tries to look their very best, even on the subway. When I'm nervous I bite my nails, so I was very embarrassed because New Yorkers have amazing nails. So I have to get them painted all the time otherwise I start biting. I get them done at Serenity Beauty Spa in Brooklyn.

My hair is very temperamental so I never know what it’s going to look like when it dries. I mean, I can try and tame it and sort of try to control it but in the end the hair does what it wants. I couldn’t get it to look good anymore, so I just tried the Brazilian blow out; I like it. I have two hairdressers: Maria at Self Salon in Williamsburg, who cuts and blow dries, and one in the city, Lena at ION, she does my highlights.

Most of my skincare happens in the evening. I use Armani Crema Nera eye cream; it’s super expensive but amazing. And Lancôme High Résolution night cream. In the morning I just splash cold water over my face. I put on day cream—a natural one that’s Vitamin-E enriched, by Derma E—it’s a super hydrating moisturizer. I don’t use any foundation, ever. Never have my whole life. I feel like once you start, you have to do it every day. My mom never wore foundation. I’ve never seen her do it and she has great skin, so I didn’t feel like it was necessary to cover anything up. I mean, I don’t think I have anything I need to cover up. I wear mascara—I rarely buy anything so the last few I’ve been using have just been from gift bags. I’m currently using one by MAC. And I wear some lipstick. I love Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in Smoky Rouge. But I also like Shiseido’s Mystery—it’s very red and I have pale skin so it’s really contrasting. Or I’ll use a light brown lip pencil, Clarins Nude, smudge it out and fill it in with Clinique long-last lipstick in Beauty. Some people think that’s cheesy but I think it’s nice.

Every casting agent has an aesthetic of their own. Personally, I like pretty girls—ones that are really obviously pretty. But I know that other casting agents have other tastes. Right now, I think one of the most beautiful girls is Julia Saner. My ideal beauty in a model, if I could look like someone, I think probably Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik. Wow, those choices are very European of me. But I don’t think I would say I want to look like anyone else; I’m happy with myself.”

Natalie is also the founder of Tales of Endearment