Marie-Amélie Sauvé, Stylist

Marie-Amélie Sauve
Marie-Amélie Sauve

'You know what I like, and more and more I think it's important, is to be toned. I try to do the gym every day; it's good to do something for yourself every day if you can. I have a trainer in New York and in Paris. I do the weights, and also I just bought a stationary bike. For me, it's the most important thing. When you look soft, that I don’t like at all. Gisele is of course the best body, for me, because she’s doing a lot of different sports. I stopped smoking ten years ago and I don’t drink anymore. I sleep a lot and I eat very healthy. Most of the time I have Japanese food—sushi, sashimi. I love Japan—I love Japanese people, I love the culture, I love the food. They are the most amazing people for beauty, in Japan. They live the longest; they care for themselves so well. The people don’t age! I’m very French because both parents are French and my culture is French but I think because I’m traveling so much I’ve become much more international than a normal French girl. So I feel less and less French in a way, when I talk to my French girlfriends. My girlfriends still go to Le Voltaire in Paris, a very French restaurant, very heavy foods, and sometime I love to do that, but mostly I prefer to eat Japanese. It’s funny because in Paris you still have very traditional restaurants but I don’t eat there much anymore.

Hair is very important I think, no? I always like to brush my hair. I wash it every day. You have to spend a lot of time for everything; I color it, get treatments. I think when I was a kid I was not happy with my hair. It was very thin and very straight and I wanted to have curly hair. I was doing everything—when Linda Evangelista cut her hair, so did I. And I got a perm. That was bad. So I think it’s quite important to have nice hair. In New York I go to Garren for the color and there is a Japanese guy there that I love, who cuts it. And in Paris I go to Leonor Greyl. It’s amazing. It’s a very very famous place in Paris where you can spend all morning and they do an amazing treatment for your hair and scalp. And I use their products a lot—for summer they have an oil, Huile de Palme, you put in while you’re at the beach. And they have the most amazing shampoo that smells so good. I try to go there every month. For facials there is an amazing place in Paris called Joëlle Ciocco. She’s doing the best facial, because you get a full massage of your face and even inside your mouth. And in New York I love to go to Tracie Martyn. Also I try to get massages as often as I can! In Paris it’s really difficult to get a good massage and in New York it’s really easy. Oh and one of my rituals, as soon as I land in Paris I go to an Iyashi Dome. It’s like a donut that you go into, and it’s very very hot, and you sweat a lot. It helps you to detox of course, and you sleep really well afterward and get over jet lag. You know, I don’t wear makeup at all, never ever. The routine is to wash my face day and night with Joëlle Ciocco cleanser, and then a mix of products from Darphin, Dr. Brandt…I have a lot of different creams actually. And I wear sunscreen when I’m at the beach, with a big hat, but I try not to get tan; I don’t like it. I started in fashion when I was 19, and as soon as you start in the fashion business, I don’t know why, but you don’t wear a lot of makeup. Especially when you’re shooting and you see a lot of models, because they are wearing a lot, you avoid it, maybe? It’s a funny thing.”