Lancome High Resolution Collaser-5x Serum

Lancome Collaser Serum
Lancome Collaser Serum

When Kerry Diamond, Lancome’s VP of Communications and PR, tells you with a locked gaze that she swears by one particular product in their range—that she wouldn’t know what to do if it was discontinued—you had better sit up and listen. One look at Kerry’s porcelain-smooth complexion dismisses the notion that this could be mere product placement.

The bottle now standing tall beside me is High Resolution Collaser-5x (or, to Kerry, simply Collaser), an “intense collagen anti-wrinkle serum.” Granted, I’m still in my honeymoon phase with this product—you bring it home, follow the instructions to a T for a while, then next thing you know it’s a half empty bottle in the back of your cabinet that you just can’t toss, even though you’re on to the next thing. But—really now—this one might garner loyalty.

Why the crush? Well, aside from a “new complex of Rice Peptides, Alfalfa Extract, and Co-Enzyme R combined with Vitamin Cg” that promise to target the five key types of collagen in our skin, it just feels good. And smells good. And it absorbs so luxuriously that you hardly need an additional moisturizer (even though technically, it is just a serum). So, as someone who’s trying to proactively navigate the crowded waters of age-defying products, an all-in-one dollop of this could be just the ticket.