The Top Shelf

Alexandra Nataf, Photographer & Co-Founder, Unconditional Magazine

"Everywhere I’ve lived has been a huge influence on me, because if I had never left Paris, for example, I really don’t know if I would be a photographer today."Read more >

The Professional

Ezra Petronio, Creative Director and Photographer

"[Self Service] is not trying to be an ego-publication that thinks it reaches more people than it does. So we made it a luxury, and we made it expensive. Our obligation to the reader is to deliver quality every time."Read more >

The Face

Sunny Shokrae, Photographer

"A few years ago, I realized I should probably grow everything back and have a full unibrow and be really chic about it. But reality hit and it's not growing back all the way. I want to rock it so hard!"Read more >


Libby Gray, Photographer

Lessons learned: rotate shampoo and conditioner regularly, don't touch hair when it's drying, use it as long as it's still working...Read more >

The Extras

ITG: The Outtakes

Tom's favorite photos from the past few months that didn't make the cut the first go 'roundRead more >


Allyson Lupovich, Photographer

What to do when your retainer is your number one beauty product and you're still living down your teenage eyebrow mistakesRead more >


Balmain Says Sisters Are In

Their Fall 2015 campaign is full of themRead more >


On Tour With Alix Brown (& Husband)

Alix got hitched! And then went on tour with her husband's band, The Fat White Family. Here's what she brought alongRead more >

The Extras

Tinder Portraits: A User's Guide

Who does your online dating profile pic say more about—you or the person swiping right?Read more >


The Foundation Technique For Better Photos

Because being photogenic does not require a course in modeling school—just a few strategic makeup tipsRead more >

As Told To ITG

Getting Ready Is The Best Part About Going Out

Photo Booth pictures, going out playlists, late-night snack recommendations—lay it all out thereRead more >

In Print

Lara Stone Is Perfect And Unretouched In System Magazine

Stunning, albeit pretty NSFW, photographs from Mr. Juergen TellerRead more >

Just In

Supermodel High School

Dress code violations with Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Daria Werbowy, Raquel Zimmermann and more (NSFW)Read more >

The Top Shelf

Petra Collins, Artist

"I have hairy armpits, but will wear short dresses—I like daring people to think differently. I want to be able to be like, ‘I’m hot and I’m in control of my body.’"Read more >