Getting Ready Is The Best Part About Going Out

Linda Evangelista, RuPaul, Veruschka, RuPaul, Steven Meisel, And Francois Nars
Linda Evangelista, RuPaul, Veruschka, RuPaul, Steven Meisel, And Francois Nars

So let's say, since it's a Friday and it's spring, you're going to go out tonight—like all out, not just to dinner and low-key drinks. We're talking hair, makeup, friends, music, pizza...maybe you're feeling Instagrammy and want to save a few shots for strategic posting throughout the week. Maybe you even invite a third-party photographer friend of yours over to take some shots, just like Anna Sui does with close friend Steven Meisel. You know, something super casual. She recalls in her Top Shelf:

'Back in the day, my apartment used to be playhouse central. I had all these vintage hats and fur and feather boas hanging on the walls on hat racks, and everyone would come over and we’d take pictures. That’s what we did. We would get all dressed up, put on lots of makeup, and then go out. It was fun! I had a makeup mirror on the inside of my closet that lit up, and so everybody would be angling for that mirror. Steven [Meisel] was the best of us at doing makeup. It’s like kind of the same thing now at shoots—Steven does all of my makeup and perfume ads—but it’s just a different face that we’re making up or painting or giving a look to. Back then, we would find somebody that we thought had a great look and invite them over and dress them and take pictures, or we’d take someone from our crowd and do that with them.”

It's only a little more elevated than poring over a laptop with Photo Booth. So in that spirit, show us your Photo Booth snaps tonight and share your 'Getting Ready' playlists—whatever your plans are—in the comments. If only because it's Friday, and some of us are feeling a little lost on the inspiration front.

L to R: François Nars, Veruschka, RuPaul, Steven Meisel, and Linda Evangelista. Image via Getty.