The Review

The Masks That Really Aren't Masks At All

Say hello to "patting water packs," the latest Korean product export coming to a Top Shelf near youRead more >

The Review

The Vitabath Tub Is Always Greener

Soaking in history with the Original Spring Green Bath GeléeRead more >

The Review

Soap On A Rope

Here's to starting up your bar soap phase againRead more >


Bridget Jarecki, Agent's Assistant, The Wall Group

Calling in products for makeup artists all day pretty much forces you to perfect your skincare routineRead more >

The Extras

A Moment For Our Favorite Discontinued Products

Never know what good blush you've got until Nars unfortunately discontinues it for goodRead more >

The Extras

"I Have My Best Ideas In The Shower"

Said everyone, ever—and that's because there's a scientific reason behind why just adding water helps with creativityRead more >

Five Cool Things

Welcome To Bikini Season

A change of plans: Please take off your one-piece, and put on one of these insteadRead more >

Five Cool Things

The One-Piece Still Rules

After years in a bikini, the 'demure' option just got a lot more excitingRead more >

The Review

32 Of The Best Natural Beauty Products

It's Earth Day, so we asked the founders of CAP Beauty (an all-natural boutique in the West Village) to give us a list of their favorite products—unsurprisingly, it's very comprehensiveRead more >


Courtney Lavine, Ballerina

The American Ballet Theatre ballerina on discovering Korean skincare, makeup remover that stands up to stage makeup, and the best smelling lipsticksRead more >

The Extras

More Than A Breath Freshener

Mint skincare (and a really great candle) that is refreshingly herby, but not too strongRead more >

As Told To ITG

Epsom Salt Is Just the Beginning...

Three more bath ingedients to make time in the tub a little more specialRead more >

The Face

Gloria Noto, Makeup Artist

"I am very much into incorporating things into my life that are already here on this earth, because we kind of have everything we need already. Why not have something that's sustainable and good for you to make you feel beautiful?"Read more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Anya Ziourova, Creative Consultant, Allure Russia

The Russian stylist and creative consultant on the Russian approach to everything, from going to the ballet to which combs to useRead more >

The Review

Spice Up Your Bath

Mustard powder, nature's version of Icy Hot, is the perfect condiment for a wintertime soakRead more >

The Extras

From Russia With Suds

In New York’s East Village, the Russian & Turkish Baths carry on a proud tradition of old country schvitzingRead more >

The Top Shelf

Jade Jagger

On motherhood, her new jewelry line, and that spicy Noxema feelingRead more >