How To Do The Most: Holiday Edition


The second my body shifts and clicks into ~ * holiday * ~ mode on December 1st, it’s all glitter, sugar, cheerful drama, and hardcore in-your-face spirit. Everything I do is in the name of seasonal bliss and inspired by the twinkly lights, sweet treats, shiny gift wrap, and bubbly drinks. The possibilities for excess are overwhelming! These days I roll out of bed and somersault full blast into Mariah Carey Christmas album look like it’s nothing. And you can, too!

Set your intentions

During the holidays, I like to look, feel and possibly most importantly...smell the part. My favorite ritual involves a decadent honey bath to slowly transition into something like a sophisticated caramel pâtisserie, but if possible, more attractive(?). To lock in the intoxicating scent, a rich and luxurious body oil does it best. This layer focuses on locking in the buttery layers of the sugar bath with a Palo Santo scent—for the sniffs but also for supple, glistening, 24K gold limbs.

Add hair bling

In terms of hair, I like to spend some extra time blowdrying things into icy silk sleekness, and then add some glistening trinkets to the mix. This season always reinvigorates my love for hair accessories, dusting off old things and discovering something new. I love a metallic gold hair pin moment for a messy bun! And by messy I mean, carefully crafted and structured chingon with intentionally dry shampoo textured wispy pieces.

Festive face beat

Next up is the BEST part! I like to arrive at my makeup table with a foamy almond milk dirty chai tea latte, two shots, for fuel and laser focus. Most importantly, when doing a glitter-lewk I like my skin to look fresh and light, not too “done.” I apply staple products but focus mostly on concealer (Nars Radiant Creamy) and a really good cream blush (Lilah B Be Lovely) that gives you that…”sunburn” glow. Is that horrible to say? Too late.

From here, I feel safe to begin the process of blossoming into peak form. A pearlescent, silky base on the eyes is going to be the glue, so smudging on (in gentle layers) the Sisley Phyto-Eye Twist is Step one. I exclusively do finger makeup these days (an attempt at some piece of my routine having chill) so I start by swirling my ring finger into a chunky glitter back and forth until I have a solid amount ready. Marc Jacobs is supreme. Transfer to your eye by using the press-and-push method— the more you press glitter into an area, the more it gets comfy in its role. Depending on which route I’ve gone with my glitter eye, I balance my lip accordingly. Icy silver eye + red lip, cool blue eye + pink lip, bronze eye + glossy clear lip.

If I’m feeling feisty, I’ll Olsen sister the hell out of my eyeliner by shutting my eye, wedging a black charcoal pencil between top and bottom, and windshield wiper-ing back and forth until desired edginess has been resurrected from the ghost of my angsty 16-year-old self. Add on 100+ layers of Nars Climax Mascara if you like lashes that could cut glass and effortlessly flirt without ever making eye contact. Look in the mirror, wink at yourself, and add 2-5 more layers of glitter, to taste.

Nail candy

The best part about doing my own nails is having complete creative freedom to channel my inner holiday demons. >:-) I love to use a vitamin rich nail base like Nail Kale to again, create a fresh lil’ base. For the maximalist in me, I use a chunky disco ball glitter that screams “Pinot Noir—Caviar!”. For the chic, more thoughtful version, I use something iridescent that just slightly catches the light and an eye as you lift martini to mouth. For something in-between: a cool shade of blue is visually appealing, universally thrilling to your audience and always gets compliments. Pick your poison!

The grand finale

Now that I am glistening so hard you could spot me from outer space, I shut my eyes, envision myself standing under the mistletoe, and mist Jo Malone Mimosa Cardamom perfume across my neck. This angelic and intoxicating fragrance is the greatest winter scent of all time in my sensitive-to-fragrance opinion. A few spritzes of this and suddenly I smell like a delicious (but not sugary) warm hug from Sofia Vergara drool.

Wishing everyone a zen, boujee, restful holiday season! Hug some babies and soak in the magic.