Jesse Dickenson

The Extras

How To Look Like A Bride And Not A Princess

If Gemma Ward and Charlize Theron had a baby, and then that baby proceeded to get married, that's the wedding look Jesse Dickenson's going forRead more >

The Extras

A Love Letter To The Gel Manicure

Jesse Dickenson writes about her relationship with the seemingly perfect manicure—and why the shiny, long-lasting effect of gels are better for an occasional flingRead more >

Open Thread

What Products Do You Switch Out For Summer?

"It's getting hot out there, so change up your beauty routine" —NellyRead more >

The Review

The Homemade Skincare You Have To Call To Get

Jasmine Urzia's Radiće Apothecary doesn't do ecommerce, inorganic additives, or new-age technology. What she does do? That cherubic glow you were born with and have been dying to get back.Read more >

As Told To ITG

Thoughts on Female Body Hair

One woman's musings on womanly fuzz, fluff, and scruff: what's "appropriate," who wore it best, and what about not giving a shit what people think?Read more >


Can White Lashes Get Some Love?

What's a light-eyelashed girl to do about mascara? Brooklyn-based beauty fiend Jesse Breeden examines the issueRead more >