Getting Naomi Osaka Ready For The Met Gala


How do you cap off a summer of champion tennis competitions? These days, it appears you co-chair the Met Gala—not bad for first time-attendee Naomi Osaka. The Australian Open champ wore a Louis Vuitton creation c/o Nicolas Ghesquière, and paired it with technicolor makeup, c/o makeup artist Jessica Smalls. The look was dramatic! Spunky! Loud! Just how the Met Gala likes ‘em. ITG caught up with Jessica just after she sent Naomi out on the red carpet last night. Want a sneak peek into the chaos that is Met Gala night glam? Let’s let Jessica take it away.

“Naomi wanted to pay homage to her Japanese heritage so we did a modern-day Geisha—she doesn’t have the matte finish we would normally see, but a really dewy glow, along with lashes to really pop off the vibe. As we were getting ready we listened to bomb 90s music that everyone could sing along to. We were feeling good, we were laughing.

I started off with Kinlò Hydrating Golden Mist, and then Kinlò Golden Rays sunscreen to prep her skin. I followed that up with Futuredew to help give the skin more glow.

In the center of the eye I used Monochromes, which is an unreleased eyeshadow trio from Glossier, in a shimmery, soft taupe shade. I used Boy Brow in Black to shape and fluff the brow, and I filled them in with Brow Flick in Black. Then I used Lash Slick on the top and bottom lashes, to support the false lashes by Kiss.

I used Perfecting Skin Tint in G6 all over her face, and G5 Stretch Concealer under her eye to brighten it up. I then used Haloscope in Moonstone to highlight the top of her cheeks. It was perfect.

Because I wanted the sides [of her face] to really pop, I used G5-G7 Wowder in the center of her face to keep it matte. To apply it, I dusted the powder in her T-zone side-to-side, gently brought the brush down to the center of the nose to the top of the lip, and I pressed it on top of the cheeks. Right alongside the nose I like to fold the brush and give a firm press, so that way I get the creases out.

I used a red lip liner, Charlotte Tilbury’s Kiss n Tell, to really shape the lip. And then Generation G in Zip on top. And then in the very outer corners of her eye I used the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Exagger Eyes. I added a mixture of Cloud Paint in Spark and Generation G in Zip on her cheeks—I layered them, first with Spark and then with Zip, using a fluffy crease brush.

It all took about 45 minutes to do. I really wanted everything to melt and blend in. So it was a lot of meticulous blending to help the look remain soft and delicate.”

—as told to ITG

Photo via Jessica Smalls