Do The Makeup Scramble


You know word jumbles? That game where you have to suss out a mystery word from a bunch of scrambled letters? Fun game, truly, and a lot like a makeup hack that’s taken off on TikTok. It goes like this: Apply all the products you already use for a face base that lasts, but switch up the order. Powder goes first, then setting spray, then primer, and then foundation. The idea is that the jumbled product application will get your foundation to power through your day longer than ever before. “It’s going to stay on 24/7, and it’s not going to crease,” explained TikTok user Jarida in the viral video.

Right now, you probably need longwear foundation like you need a kick in the shin. Why would it have to last? For your daily walk around the block? For a job where you’ve got to cover most of your face? To not go to a hot, sweaty dance club? The stakes are low, but that’s why trying out a new makeup technique is kind of the perfect weekend activity. If it’s too many layers, or too drying (this technique works best on oily skin), you can just wash it off! If it looks great, take a few selfies and then wash it off! You have literally nothing to lose but 20 minutes, give or take.

Here’s how to try it at home—with ITG’s annotations, of course.

Step 1: Moisturize

Or do whatever your normal skincare routine is. Don’t you always finish with a moisturizer anyway? Or a hydrating SPF? The thing you always do before you do makeup, do that here. It’ll help your skin feel comfortable under all the makeup that’s to follow.

Step 2: Powder

Think of translucent powder as the first napkin you throw over a spill. It’ll soak up most of the moisturizer your skin didn’t absorb, fill large pores for a smooth finish, and act as a barrier to any oil your skin will naturally produce. It’s best to use a translucent powder and not a foundation powder, which will add heaviness. “I just lightly dab it all over my face,” explained Jarida in her video, “[but] not too much.”

Step 3: Setting Spray

Setting spray zaps any remaining moisture the powder didn’t absorb. Any setting spray will do, as long as it’s not just a mist. The latter will dissolve the makeup just a tiny bit, which is why it’s helpful for an everyday look that’s dewy and blended. This isn’t that. You want to limit moisture that breaks down your foundation, not add it. Here are some that will work:

Step 4: Primer

Make sure you let the setting spray dry completely before moving on to the next step. And, similarly with the setting spray trick, the kind of primer you use here matters! You’ll want to stay away from anything that feels super thick or claims to hydrate. Once that’s on, move on to the last step.

Step 5: Foundation

You’ve finally made it! Foundation is the last step, and you can take your pick of what you’ve got.

There’s no Step 6 in Jarida’s video, but as you move forward with your makeup, try to only use powdered blush, bronzer, and highlighter over what you’ve already done. Remember what we said about moisture earlier? It’s the enemy here! And blending cream formulations will tug at the layers you’ve just put down.

Tried it? Loved it? Hated it? Tell us how your weekend challenge goes in the comments.

Photo via ITG.