Gold Chains And Body Oil


Styled by Brie Welch and modeled by Chloé Vero. Makeup by Ingeborg. Photographed by Tom Newton. Braids done by the model.

There’s no better month than August—hear us out. It’s hot, but it’s not hottest-month-of-the-year hot (that’s July’s job). Since the sun’s still out for a few hours after you get out of work, the days feel long in the best sense of the phrase. And August is always chill—it kind of has to be since the hustle of back-to-school energy in September never really goes away, even well into adulthood.

Mid-August is also the time of year when it becomes more tolerable to wear makeup again, to return to the multi-step skincare routine that felt too heavy to wear last month, and just maybe reacquaint your body with oil. Your skin was still adjusting to the heat in June, so you were prone to sweating it all off then. And July is... July. Once again, August is the best month. So there’s no better time than now to bask in the glory of 7PM golden hours and put on that thing you’ve been holding off because the heat made it unbearable to wear. For us, that’s body oil and gold chains. Two nice-to-haves that became two gotta-take-offs just a month before. Now they're back. Model Chloé Vero joined us at the beach on a perfect August day to show them off (and since we went to the beach, we decided body oil sunscreens would be more appropriate). Below, five ways to style the dynamic, end-of-summer duo.


A Simple Start


Ease your way into it with unfussy small gold hoops and a single linked chain. Looks good with La Roche Posay’s Anthelios XL Comfort Nutritive Oil SPF 50.

Chloé wears a waffle half zip from Donni.

Now Double It Up


With two necklaces: a dainty chain and pendant one, both from Loren Stewart. Keep it interesting with a pair of rings—a signet and a band—which are also from Loren Stewart, and a bigger set of hoop earrings to round everything out. Sunscreen pairing: Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Virty-Oil Body Mist.

Chloé is in a Tommy x Zendaya striped knit top (better hurry up, it’s on sale).

Before You Go In The Water...


Make sure you've got on a waterproof sunscreen, first. And then be the Bond character you wish to see in the world with a big $5 fake gold chain (in this case purchased from a street vendor on Canal Street) and a choker. Give your ears some extra bling, and don’t forget your wrist, too.

Chloé is wearing a black one-piece from Araks.

Don’t Forget: More Is More


So you might as well go a little crazy. Just make sure to stagger your necklaces in various lengths when you’re working with pendants. The three necklaces Chloé has on look like four because of a double pendant addition from Lili Clapse. The other two are from Maya Brenner and Azlee. On Chloé’s ears are mismatched earrings from Mounser, and her skin shimmers thanks to a silky sunscreen oil from Zelens.

On Chloé is a red one-piece from Araks.

And Bigger Is Better


The grand finale! Three beautiful, chunky necklaces here. Two are from Mounser (the Milky Way necklace and the Swell pendant), and the third is from Lili Claspe. Moving to the ears, Chloé’s got a gold and cubic zirconia sparkler dangling from one, and a single pearl from the other—again, both from Mounser—and down her arm and stopping at the wrist are two bracelets, from Maya Brenner and Ariel Gordon. All that shine is matched with some comforting oil—Supergoop’s SPF 50.

Chloé wears an Araks bathing suit.