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72 Hours With Trinity Mouzon Wofford, The Youngest Black Woman To Launch A Line At Sephora


For many beauty brands, landing a spot on a Sephora shelf is the ultimate proof of achievement. It can take years to get there, but for Golde, a wellness-meets-skincare brand launched in 2017, it just took two. Even more astonishing, Golde’s co-founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford was just 25 when it all went down, making her the youngest Black woman ever to achieve such a feat. Golde launched with a focus on ingestibles—powdered good-for-yous meant to be blended into smoothies or stirred into drinks—and this year the brand has taken on skincare with even more powdered good-for-yous, although this time designed to mix with water and sit on your skin as a mask. Trinity is the architect behind them all, running the startup out of her apartment in Brooklyn. She’s got 10 SKUs to shepherd, with a lot more coming down the pipeline—truly, she's just getting started. The key to making it all work is that Trinity lives by what she sells. Wellness seeps into nearly every part of the entrepreneur’s life, every day. Let Trinity walk you through three days in her life to show you exactly how.


I’m up around 6AM as usual. I’m an early riser by nature, which is not really that impressive when you factor in my inability to stay awake past 10PM on any given night. My exact wakeup time varies between 5:30 and 6:30AM—I don’t use an alarm because that disrupts your natural sleep pattern.

Since Fridays are a little lighter than the rest of the workweek, I squeeze in a circuit training workout at SESSION in Williamsburg. I’m in at 8 and depart around 9, high on endorphins and damp with crotch sweat.


Back home in Bed-Stuy, I shower with my favorite olive oil bar soap from head to toe. Bar soap gets a bad rap, but because of the high oil content this one is really gentle. Post-shower I moisturize with Esker’s Restorative Body Oil, which smells like sex and flowers. My all-time favorite facial moisturizer is from a Japanese brand called Chidori-ya. I’m fully obsessed with their Secret de Maiko face cream—it’s super-rich without leaving you greasy.

I work from home, so at 10:30AM I’m throwing together a post-shower smoothie with all the essentials: romaine, celery, pear, ginger, blueberries. This is usually my base, and I’ll add other fun stuff depending on what’s around. Today it’s a lot of Matcha Golde powder, plus fresh mint leaves from our new houseplant. I try to do an AM smoothie daily because it floods your body with nutrients, fiber and hydration first thing in the morning. Without it I definitely feel a little stale.


Around 5PM I wrap for the day and help my partner Issey prep dinner for a couple of friends that are coming over. The night features veggie-laden pasta, natural wine, and good company—a self-care trio if there ever was one.


Saturdays are for the Union Square Greenmarket. I do a quick stretch routine via Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, and by 8AM Issey and I are en route to vegetable nirvana from Brooklyn. We always hit Lani’s Farm and our mushroom guy. Today I also successfully make the case for splurging on a hunk of raw cheese from Hawthorne Valley Farm. Dairy, like most things, is best avoided when highly processed. But the unpasteurized stuff is pretty much a superfood. I feel like Americans are always wondering why they can eat anything in Europe but they feel like shit in the US—the difference is the quality. You can seek out the good stuff here, you just need to know where to look.



Around 8AM I start my Sunday in the best way I know how: with a face mask. Today it’s our very own Clean Greens, mixed with a bit of aloe leaf juice. We launched these masks after they completely cleared up my pollution-triggered acne, and I’m still really loyal to them. I apply my mask to dry skin and rinse it off in the shower.


Today is hair wash day, so I co-wash with Briogeo’s Be Gentle Be Kind hydrating conditioner while finger detangling in sections. I rinse with very cold water, because it helps to smooth out frizz and lock in my curls. Out of the shower, I add more conditioner and leave it in. I immediately wrap my hair up in a big cotton t-shirt and let it stay that way for an hour. When I take my hair down, it’s mostly dry and stretched a bit which helps to prevent tangles. From there, I divide my hair into six sections, making a braid for each one, and then wrap a scarf around my edges to smooth everything down. I’ll leave my hair in the braids for at least 24 hours to make sure it sets fully. From there I might wear it out, but I always re-braid it before going to bed.

On Sundays I do a content series on my instagram called #Office_Hrs, where I share real-life tips on how to start and grow a business. Around 12PM I record an episode on facing self-doubt and upload it into my stories. I’m a little overwhelmed by the messages pouring in from fellow and future entrepreneurs facing the same challenges. Amongst the smoothies, workouts, and 3-hour hair routines, this genuine connection is by far my favorite self-care ritual.

—Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Photos via the author.