Anne-Victoire Lefevre, Director, Michel Vivien


"You could not find people more typically French than my parents. Growing up, my mom’s favorite thing to do with me was to go beauty shopping at the pharmacy. Even now, I only use pharmacy products. And my mom always told me that I had to cleanse my face every morning and every night. In Paris, the beauty philosophy is to not wear too much makeup, and to never try to hide what you have. I love living here—I couldn't live anywhere else. For me, New York is too much. There are things to do all the time, parties every night… in Paris, life is slower.

I did PR at Moschino for seven years. I was drawn to PR because it’s about communicating with people, representing a brand, and going out—I love going out all the time. [Laughs] At first I was an intern, and then that turned into a job. But it’s a big company, so every person has a job to do, and you’re not collaborative. You only do your job. After Moschino I went to a small brand—a small brand is really more like a family. I was doing their PR, commercials, and administrative tasks, and my job was really to help the brand grow up. I’m doing similar things now at Michel Vivien. The shoes have no logos, but the materials and the designs are very precious. They’re also very comfortable. Everything is made in Italy—I used to go to Italy with Moschino, so it’s nice to do that again. I don’t think working at an agency would fit me—I need to be focused on one brand. I like to be committed. I went from a big brand to a small brand, and then to a small brand with a budget, which is really the best.

Every morning I spray Thermal Water from Avène on my face. Since I don’t have to clean any makeup off then, it’s all I need. It’s funny because when I was younger I had combination skin, and now it’s very, very dry. I don’t know what happened. At night, I use the Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion from Avène or Darphin Micellar Water, which is a little stronger, to remove my makeup. I love Darphin because it’s so natural. Some of their products smell too strong, but the others I really love. I use Hydraphase Anti-Fatigue eye cream from La Roche-Posay to remove puffiness, and then I use a Thermal Cream from Avène that’s normally a mask, but I use it as a cream because my skin is so dry. Finally, I put Homeoplasmine on my lips, and that’s it. I can’t live without my Homeoplasmine, but maybe it’s a girl thing—boys never put on lip balm, and their lips are fine.

My mom is really into going to the spa, but not me. I don’t really like being touched, especially on the face and head. But I do have some masks that I like to do at home. I love to put on the Darphin Ideal Resource mask when I sleep. It’s not too sticky or heavy, and when I wake up, my skin looks beautiful. The Erborian Skin Therapy Black Scrub Mask is to remove blackheads, and it works. I do the Avène Gentle Exfoliating Gel maybe once a week. All through the summer I use the Glossier Moon Mask, because I think it really repairs sun damage. And as for my freckles—I’ve always had them. Recently people have been focusing on them and complimenting them, so I’ve learned to like them. And I started using sunscreen when I found the Glossier one. If I know I’m going to a park or go on a terrace in the afternoon, I’ll put that on.

I use the L’Oréal concealer pen. For me, it’s better than Touche Éclat because it’s lighter. I just put it on wherever I have a spot. I use L’Oréal’s Accord Parfait foundation in 3-5.N [Ed. note: it's called True Match in the U.S.], but I never put it all over my face, only in certain areas—I don't like too much coverage. I also have the By Terry Pressed Powder, and what’s good about that is it makes your pores go away. Even at the end of the day, your skin still looks better. Sometimes I use the blush from Glossier, Storm, on the apples of my cheeks. If I look tired, it’s perfect. And sometimes I use Haloscope in Moonstone. You can’t really see that you put on something, but in the sun it gives you a glow. Makeup artists like to put mascara on my eyes, but I feel so stupid with it—I prefer my eyes natural. Really, I only put on lipstick. Only matte ones, and only red. I don’t do pink—I think it’s an attitude. When I was an adolescent, I used pink. When I’m using lipstick now, I put it in the middle and tap it out. Generation G in Zip is perfect for me. And I like Chili from MAC, which is a little orangey. If I don’t have these I’ll use any red one from Chanel, but I always take a paper [to my lips] to take away the shine.

I’ve never colored my hair. I think natural is always better—imagine me, blonde! I really don’t think it would be nice. I wash every two or three days with Rene Furterer Triphasic shampoo. Every season, I think I lose a little hair—being stressed at work, or going in the sea all the summer, sometimes your hair gets a little damaged. When my hair feels more sensitive, I wash with Rene Fueterer Astera. And then maybe twice a year I do a treatment with RF 80 ATP Energie ampoules. I just put it in my roots, and massage. I think it helps. I have thin hair, so product weighs it down, and it’s very straight so I like a simple haircut. I do my haircut by myself, or my boyfriend does it for me. I don’t need to go to a fancy place—each time I go to a salon they want to do a special cut, and it’s horrible. The less the better, for me.

I like when fragrance is more boyish. I haven’t found one that I like except my boyfriend’s, but maybe that’s just because it smells like him. The Bioderma blue shower gel is the best. There is no smell, and it makes your skin feel hydrated. It’s perfect for me. And I use Bioderma lotion for my body, the Atoderm Baume. And this is the best toothpaste, Regenerate. I brush my teeth all the time, maybe too much. It’s the only toothpaste that I feel like repairs my teeth and gums when I brush. For me, it’s the best.

I do HIIT at Cluster, a sports club just near here, and I do Pilates. I can’t just go to a sports club and work out—I need a coach saying, ‘Now you do this! Harder! Fifteen minutes more and you’re finished!’ I don’t eat healthy at all, but it’s my new resolution to work out more. Yes, I can cook—I can do Picard. [Laughs] It’s a joke here, Picard is a frozen food brand. I really can’t cook. I spend all my money in restaurants. But I have a market close to here, and when I shop for food I try not buy the bad stuff. I have this app, Yuka, and when you’re at the supermarket you scan each product and the app tells you why it’s good, why it’s bad. It’s so good. I just did it with tomato soup—there was one excellent brand, and the other two were so bad. They also have a version for beauty products, but I don't use it. I think I would be so disappointed to learn that my favorite products are bad for me! For food it’s fine, but not for beauty. [Laughs]"

—as told to ITG

Anne-Victoire Lefevre photographed by Tom Newton in Paris on February 25, 2019.