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And The Winner Of This Year’s ITG March Madness Is…


Weleda’s Skin Food! Who called it? Certainly not us (well maybe Utibe did, she loves that stuff). The thick, borderline ointment moisturizer loved by makeup artists and dry skin sufferers the world all over took out Biologique Recherche’s P50 in the final round. And to think, P50 began the tournament with such promise and hope. However, it wasn’t exactly a huge loss… Skin Food won by 62-percent of the vote (this includes the Instagram poll). But that’s all it needed to win anyway. Math! That’s who’s making the rules around here!

(The complete bracket. Right click to enlarge.)
winner of march madness 2019

So, how did Skin Food come out on top? For starters, the very website you are reading right now declared it was a more affordable version of La Mer not too long ago. That’s certainly one way to win a beauty tournament. And then Utibe, ITG’s Content Coordinator who always has her finger on Instagram's pulse, noticed the moisturizer had achieved an all-time high level of praise over there at the beginning of the year. And then there are the Skin Food super fans to consider—Victoria Beckham, Katie Jane Hughes, Candice Huffine, to name a few.

But maybe it won because no matter the details of your particular skin situation, there’s always a need for some good old fashioned hydration. And, there’s no cream that’ll get you to moisturized city faster than Skin Food. Be it your elbows, knees, or a rough patch on your cheek. Skin Food always gets the job done. And wins! Congratulations!

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