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The ITG Dream Celebrity Gift Guide

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Photographed by Tom Newton.

Quality entertainment, interviews with Oprah, spirited acting opposite Steve Carell, public semi-nudity immortalized in a voluptuous 25-foot statue. All year long, month after month, famous people give us so much. And what do we give them in return? Besides money? And Instagram followers? And the power of influence? And an MTV Video Music Award? Not enough! They say the holidays are about giving back, and as a collective mass we’ve been shortsighted when it comes to the ones who matter most. So ITG spun this year’s gift guide around. This year, we’re dreaming of the things we wish we could give to the celebrities who made 2018 a little less bleak. Michelle Obama, our source of wisdom and top-quality dating advice deserves something cozy and decadent. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, our immortal justice, can kick back in a plush pair of slippers and bundle up in a protective puffer. And that’s just the start. There are so many gifts that need to be gifted.

2018 11 itg gift guide 9

For Michelle Obama

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Right on the heels of her victory lap book tour, get the most important woman in your life something really special: A duvet with sleeves that she can wear all over the house and whenever she needs to step out for a grocery run. That’s the value proposition from newly launched leisure brand Offhours. The tufted robe is seriously warm–and offers up some oversized-but-understated #oldceline vibes should she wish to pair it with trousers and a sensibly low heel. It’s definitely one of those things for the person who has everything. As is a bottle of smoked olive oil. Not regular olive oil; not even fancy-schmancy olive oil. But olive oil that has literally been cold smoked. Never something she needed. But definitely something she’ll want.

Offhours Homecoat and Regalis Smoked Arbequina Olive Oil

For Jeff Goldblum

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Not that his aura doesn’t already resonate “chill,” but if you find yourself in a gift exchange scenario with Jeff Goldblum or someone slightly resembling him, please consider Dosist’s “Calm” Pen. High in CBD, low in THC and coupled with a few other ingredients designed to chill you out, it's 200 exact doses of non-carginogenic vape. Once the gifting session has wrapped (or more like unwrapped am I right) puff in non-awkward silence together while telepathically discussing his newly released jazz album and, when you get to the subject of his glasses and how well they suit his face, give him his second gift: This wool APC ball cap. The perfect mashup of practicality (warmth) and class (looks nice on you, Jeff!). Love always.

Dosist Calm Dose Pen and APC Alex Baseball Cap

For Timothée Chalamet

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Look, Timmy, it’s clear you’re an international movie star with walk-in privileges at the the finest culinary establishments around the globe. But what about when you’re home? When you’re taking some personal time between films? In those quiet, lonely moments, it's important to consider: Whatchyu cooking with? You're still young! Up-and-coming! Which is why we’re giving you Potluck, the shiniest, most useful stainless steel cookware gone direct to consumer. Divided into three easy-to-want starter sets (pots + pans, knives, and gadgets + tools) there’s a Potluck kit for every recent adult in your life. Not cool enough for you? Fine. Throw in a copy of the Incomplete Highsnobiety Guide to Street Fashion and Culture. That’s cool, right?

Potluck Essentials Bundle and The Incomplete Highsnobiety Guide to Street Fashion and Culture

For Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Live Ginsburg and I ride for Ginsburg. Live Ginsburg and I ride for Ginsburg. Which is why, this winter, RBG’s holiday haul is all about keeping toasty warm on that bench of hers. She deserves a vacation! But we gotta stay practical. Action oriented. So instead, she’ll be getting a Renew Puffer from Everlane. Good for RBG, good for the planet (the coat is made from 32 renewed plastic bottles). But it doesn’t end there—on her feet, she’ll have these L.L. Bean Daybreak Scuffs, perfect for shuffling around the courthouse snuggly but securely (they’re nicely rubberized for traction on the bottom). Plus, they feature a happy, yellow mountainscape in felt. What’s not to love?

Everlane ReNew Puffer and LL Bean Daybreak Scuffs

For Henry Golding

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Hot sauce! It’s basically the new wine. Varietal, fruit-infused, fermented. At a glance, gifting a hot person with something hot sounds obvious, but you have to say to yourself: It’s Henry friggin Golding! Let your cliché flag fly high on this one, with a hot sauce subscription for the leading man of Crazy Rich Asians and our collective libido. Four times a year Fuego Box will send three spicy tonics from small batch brands across the country. Your job is to pay for the year upfront. And then supplement it with something on the soothing side, like a hydrating skincare set from Aesop. All of that liquid fire seems like it’d dry out the skin. Or maybe it won’t! Either way, a fine fellow like Henry deserves the good stuff.

Fuego Box All-Star Crate and Aesop Quench Classic Skincare Kit

For Chrissy Teigen

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She hooked you up with a recipe for cauliflower mash and a folder full of salty Twitter comebacks, so you better pay up in kind. She’s your friend and you love her. Don’t give her makeup—she makes her own. Give her something to store it all in instead: A Cuyana vanity case set, also known as a makeup bag with a matching itty-bitty pouch. The set was designed by Meghan Markle’s makeup artist, Daniel Martin. It is pretty, functional, and partly funds H.E.A.R.T., a violence intervention program, through proceeds Martin has personally pledged to match. But don’t stop there. Top it off with a dainty tray—one shaped in the form of a bathing beauty—she can use to store anything—soap, rings, knicknacks, a phone. Perfect for the woman who respects the unparalleled utility of bath-core and leisurely poses.

Cuyana X Daniel Martin Vanity Case and Mosser Glass Bathing Beauty Dish

For Leslie Knope

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You spend a lot of time with your coworkers—enough to know their favorite salad place, fragrance of choice, and Bumble standards. But maybe not enough to win in a gift-off with Leslie Knope. So you don't look like a schmuck, take a page out of the Emily Weiss playbook and get her this Incausa Palo Santo. What it lacks in dramatic flare it more than makes up for in scent and novelty, and she'll be impressed it came from a thoughtful, beautiful Mandarin duck like you. Need another reason? Here it is: Incausa is a purpose-driven marketplace connecting indigenous artisans in Brazil, Nepal, India, and Nepal with kind Brooklynites who've made it their mission to get those goods into your hands. A pack of 12 brings it out to $7 a pop with enough to go around, even for Jerry. Wait, never mind, not Terry. Gary doesn’t get a Palo Santo.

Incausa Palo Santo

For Frank Ocean

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Despite the @blonded Instagram’s switch from private to public, you’re still not sure how well you know Frank Ocean. But you would like to. And you can! How, you ask? With this Italian rose scented and shaped candle made by Santa Maria Novella of course. As far as candles go, it’s not particularly cheap. But considering its beauty and the fact that it’s under $50, it’s the ideal gift for Frank and the one and only way to force him into best friendship with you. It’s what you both deserve.

Santa Maria Novella Rose Shaped Scented Candle

For Rita Ora

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OK so you met Rita Ora at a party once. It’s difficult to remember whose party, exactly, but you’re sure (like 95 percent sure, maybe it was actually Lorde?) you met and in the off chance that she shows up at the same holiday event as you this season, you’d rather be safe than sorry. AKA you need a gift. Sofia Coppola's line of wines is not only decent to the taste (making for a safe gifting bet) but the label is a total non-eyesore. (It's Sofia, of course it's chic.) This way, even if Rita has gone sober since you last [think you] saw her, the bottle’s a nice objet for her kitchen shelf. Wow, you’re so nice.

Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Wine (Blanc de Blancs and Brut Rosé)

For The Cast of Big Mouth

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Since “non-embarrassing parents” don’t fit under the Christmas tree, you’re going to need to consider an alternative for those animated tweens: non-embarrassing skin and hair. A starting point is Brooklinen’s ever-trending sleep gear. Silk! Smooth! Doesn’t cost a million bucks! The pillowcase keeps frizzies in check, and the eye mask just looks cool and dramatic—ideal for a teen. And then throw in some Glossier goodies. Not just because it keeps the lights on around here, but because it’s the beauty brand on every teen’s radar, cast of Big Mouth included. (We didn't make this up! We're very grateful!) Wrap up a few shades of Cloud Paint, Balm Dotcom in Birthday, maybe a Boy Brow, and a tube of Lash Slick. Purchasing together (or any combination over $50) will get you a free "You look good" mirror for a limited time only, too. The teens will post all of it all over Snapchat, Instagram, carrier pigeon network, whatever.

Glossier makeup with Brooklinen Silk Pillowcase and Eyemask bundle.

For Salem Saberhagen and Charlie, Bradley Cooper's Goldendoodle

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Bark bark bark, meow bark meow meow. Meow? Bark bark bark bark! Bark meow meow. Translation: Your pets don’t know it’s the holiday season, so these are gifts to reinforce your own hunch that caring for a living animal would make your life exponentially better. Give Salem his own cave to be witchy and moody in that happens to coordinate with your bedroom decor. And with matching leash, collar, and poop bag carrier (which Wild One snazzily rebrands as a "PBC") you’ll look chic every time you take Charlie out for a morning walk. Yes, in this daydream, you and Bradley share custody of the dog. You make a good team! You deserve a treat.

Crate and Barrel Ombre Cat Cave and Wild One Walk Kit

For Yourself

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As The Element or whatever articulated, "You are the star of your own life." Might as well step into your shining role now. First by getting out of bed and taking a shower with the purist water around, thanks to your new Raindrops showerhead. Yes, a showerhead! Who else would buy it for you? Raindrops’ head filters out minerals that can make your skin drier and your hair color dingier—calcium, iron, copper and the like. It’s the best present you can give to yourself. Practical, beautifying, and a value-add to your current living conditions.

Raindrops Luxe with Rainfall Shower Head