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The New Makeup Rules

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Aliet Sarah and Stefany photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Shayna Gold. Hair by Evanie Frausto. Styling by Brie Welch.

Who said bright makeup was only a summer play—that it had to pack its bags and hibernate at the first sign of fall? Was it the same guy who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? (Probably.) These restrictions are... hostile. Incongruent to a sunny look, which you’ll need more than ever, now that the sun sets roughly around dinnertime. It’s time to look at colder weather makeup in a new light, with a new set of rules. Magenta lips? Approved. Chartreuse eyes? Delightful. Bubblegum lipstick? Come to mama. Working with stylist Brie Welch, makeup artist Shayna Gold implemented these new makeup rules with lilac liners and turtlenecks, orange lips and cashmere. More below—all bright, cheery, and ready to go apple picking. As our overlord Meryl Streep once said, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” But fuschia for fall? Now we’re getting at something good.

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Rule #1—Electric Eyes

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No lipstick, no blush, no problem. Funny how an unexpected eye makes an entire face look meticulously labored upon. But there’s no hard work here, just Marc Jacobs’ Highliner pencil in Mist Me on Aliet, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Loose Color pigment in Wasabi on Stefany.

Aliet wears a Khaite bodysuit with The Row trousers and J. Hannah glacé hoop earrings. Stefany wears a Live The Process white top and gold earrings from Beaufille.

Rule #2—A Touch Of Pink

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Here lies a tale of two pinks. Both by Bite. A marshmallow shade called Souffle drawn on Stefany, and Pink Salt, a richer, mauve-like pink on Aliet.

Aliet pairs a gray tank from Amo with The Row trousers. She tops the look with Lady Gray’s Contortion earrings. Stefany wears a Uniqlo ribbed t-shirt under a Khaite cream jacket.

Rule #3—Vibrant Purple

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You have to ask yourself—how much fun do you want to have? If the answer is a lot, consider one of these two lipsticks to tag along. Either Shiseido’s Modern Matte Powder Lipstick in Fuchsia Fetish, as seen on Aliet, or the one Stefany is wearing: Lancôme’s Sensational Effects Lipstick in Poodle Skirt.

Aliet wears a Live The Process top and Vanessa Montiel gold hoop earrings. Stefany wears a pink tee from Re/Done.

Rule #4—All About Orange

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Sometimes all it takes is a pencil, like MAC’s in Genuine Orange on Stefany. Other times a classic red-orange like MAC’s So Chaud on Aliet feels bright but not overwhelming.

Aliet wears a Live The Process knit button-up and matching shorts. Her earrings are from Beaufille. Stefany wears a Helmut Lang cashmere hoodie.

Rule #5—Cozy Brown

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And to think—brown used to be boring. A darker brown on a lighter lip suddenly becomes interesting. The same goes for the inverse. You can see it in action above, where Stefany wears Make's lipstick in Deep Flesh, and Aliet wears Shiseido’s VisionAiry Gel Lipstick in Cyber Beige.

Aliet wears a Khaite cardigan with a Vanessa Montiel necklace. Stefany wears a Michael Stars tee under a Helmut Lang black cardigan, with Re/Done army pants.