The Most Comprehensive Makeup Kit We've Seen Yet


You may not believe it but the fact is: The list below is only a partial summary of the kit belonging to ITG's makeup artist of record, Ingeborg. That's because not only does she know all there is to know about product, but she's also impressively organized and efficient in her packing methods. She has this shit down to a science. It's almost a shame to unpack it and rifle through all of its excellent content. But we made her do it; we made her do it for you!!! Again, for brevity's sake, this version has been slightly condensed. Don't worry; there is still plenty to inspire. Take notes:

The Kit

"I love the idea of a kit—or really, a suitcase—that does it all. The one I'm using right now is from Away. It’s the lightest aluminum because I prefer a hardshell, weatherproof case that is also shockproof. I love that I can run around from job to job with it. The ability to charge my laptop or phone in it is a good safety blanket too."


"I’m obsessed with this brush brand from Japan called Hakuhodo. It is a huge investment, but it will literally last you your whole career. When you use these, nothing looks blotchy, everything goes on soft—like a kitten paw. Beautyblenders and sponges are important of course, which I’ll use with a nice face mist from Omorovicza."


"When I’m doing someone’s makeup, I usually start off with a nice little facial. When you’re traveling, you can’t have many liquids with you, so my hack is to use products that start as a solid and then melt into oils on the skin. I’ve been using this one by Maya Chia that I found at Credo Beauty. Another one I use is called 8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil. It’s eight different oils that are compressed into something solid, and it’s super luxurious and effective. If the client I’m working with has some eye puffiness I use Talika Eye Therapy Patches, which are super expensive, but are totally magical on puffy eyes. For sensitive skin I have the Avène Tolerance Skin Cream, and then the Biafine Burn Cream, and when I really want to pamper people it’s with Retrouvé—their serums and creams are super luminous looking on any skin type."

Foundation and Base Makeup

"I love the RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up, Bronzer, and Luminizer, but the glass jars were really weighing my kit down, so I put them in my own sleek palette with labels on the back. This way, I have all the colors handy in a small setup that doesn’t weigh my kit down. Then, of course I have the Bobbi Brown BBU Pro Face Palette—it’s an amazing corrector, concealer and foundation palette that doesn’t take up a lot of space."


"I use Kett Cosmetics and also Fenty Beauty powders. For darker skin tones, I like the Make Up For Ever powders. The texture is super forgiving, blends everything together flawlessly. And for loose powder, I have the Laura Mercier one. It’s the most natural looking. I love the Sisley bronzer which gives a luminous effect—not very matte, but not glittery either. It’s quite sheer. Then of course the Terra-Cotta bronzers from Guerlain are completely iconic. So beautiful and sheer and realistic looking. The most epic of all is Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, which is the only highlighter than doesn’t give anything sparkly, just catches a little bit of light. It's so pretty."


"I’ve been obsessed with Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes. They are super heavy, but so amazing. The texture is incredible and the colors are really on point. I love them so much. I also have loads of Tom Ford’s eyeshadows in little pots—they are one part cream and one part powder. All in bronze, copper, gold and champagne shades, which are super universally flattering and especially nice in the light in the summer."


"Viseart blush palettes are beautiful and full of bright colors that are matte—no shimmer, because I’d rather get shimmer from another product later. You can really build them up because they are super pigmented but really blendable at the same time. They won’t leave you with edges or stains. I’m also a sucker for Chanel powder blushes. They’re so sheer and so super flattering—the undertones of their blush shades are super natural, and of course the packaging is so beautiful."


"I have loads of false lashes in my kit. They can actually look really natural. I have a lot of Ardell and Love Lash for people who prefer not to use lash glue. For mascara, I have the new Glossier mascara, Lash Slick. I love it. It creates a super beautiful curl and separation on the lashes, because the brush digs all the way into the lash line. Even with blond or lighter lashes it really gets the whole lash. Other favorites are Laura Mercier's Mascara in both Brown and Black. then Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara which makes them super clumpy like a Twiggy lash."


"I have pretty much every Chanel lipstick color in this kit. The Coco Shine in particular is such a nice balmy summer product. It doesn’t feel like makeup. I also have each of the Tom Ford Lip Color Shines, which I took out of their original packaging and put into my own palettes to help keep my kit light. The Caudalie tinted lip balms give a nice sheer tint, and Dior Lip Glow is the most important thing in summer because it's super flattering on every skin tone. Nuxe Honey Lip Balm is matte and you can put a lipstick right over it. I also found these beautiful organic lipsticks at Credo—they’re called Y et Beauté. Oh my God—these lipsticks are amazing. It was kind of hard to find a super pigmented luxurious red lipstick that’s organic. This brand is the holy grail. The packaging is super gorgeous, and it’s also non-toxic. Total score."

—as told to Anna Jube

Photos via the author.