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Monochrome Makes Life Easier

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Angok Mayen (Heroes) photographed by Tom Newton. Styled by Tchesmeni Leonard. Makeup by Ingeborg.

There was a not-so-brief moment last year when I considered only wearing blue. It could be my thing. The New York Times would write a style feature on me—in the Thursday section, not the Sunday section, don't get cocky—and how I could often be spotted wandering around Soho in vintage blue Levi's, a blue blanket coat from Zara, blue Gucci slides, and Blop on my fingers and on my toes, of course. I still think about this; particularly now that I find myself hating absolutely everything I own and am tempted, daily, to let it all go in a cleansing fire ritual. The appeal, beyond buying all new stuff, is that monochrome dressing is extraordinarily easy. Pick the color that makes you happiest and stick to it. That's it. It's like Garanimals for adults who also care to be stylish. Because monochrome dressing is almost always considered the pinnacle of style. Don't ask why; just accept it. It helps you out in the end.

And if you're pushing that thought to its logical conclusion, why not include your makeup? For my blue phase, I imagine I'd rely heavily on Dior's forthcoming On Stage Liner in a bright (you guessed it) blue. On lovely Angok—photographed above, below, and all around—Ingeborg (ITG's official makeup artist of record) used a combination of rich, subtly sparkly jewel-tones to complement the "Let It Be Spring Already" wardrobe. None of it's blue, but we can talk about that later. For now, let's just scroll through, click our heels together, and say "Please let it be spring, please let it be spring, please let it be spring." Should work, right?

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Angok wears Kevyn Aucoin's The Neo Elixir Beauty Oil on her face, Tom Ford Shadow Extreme in TFX16 on her eyes, and Tata Harper Be Fierce balm on her lips. She also wears Balmyard Romantic Call Body Oil on her skin. Angok wears a Cienne top, earrings by Lady Grey, bangles by Alexis Bittar, Dinosaur Designs, and Lizzie Fortunato, and a Cyril ring.


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Angok wears Kevyn Aucoin Electropop Palette on her cheekbones and Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint in Ruby on her eyelids. She wears a dress by Zero + Maria Cornejo, earrings by Cyril, a Shashi ear cuff, and bangles from Dinosaur Designs and Lizzie Fortunato. Stud earrings are her own.


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Angok wears Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur in N.7 Fuchsia on her lips and cheeks. Her dress is by Elizabeth and James, collar and ring by Lady Grey, and gold choker by Cyril. Earrings pictured also by Lady Grey.


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Angok wears Turquoise on her eyes from the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Look Palette and Vapour Beauty Velvet Gloss in Fearless on her lips. She also wears a Jeffrey Dodd dress, Alexis Bittar earrings, and a ring and bangle from Dinosaur Designs.


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Angok wears Tom Ford Lash and Brow Tint in TFX22 and Tom Ford Lip Color in Bamboo. She also wears a Zero + Maria Cornejo dress and an Alexis Bittar bangle.