How Do You Work Out?


There aren't a lot of things the ITG team agrees on full stop. The band almost broke up for good over whether or not dry sheet masks were innovative enough to include in 2017's Top 25. But the one place where we do find common ground is right here. With Karen Lord. She's strong, she's chic, she's got the most soothing voice... We love her (and doing her brand of Pilates) to pieces.

In that vein, let's talk about workouts. The ones you love, the ones you do under duress, the ones you gave up because your knees are starting to hurt. You learn so much about people through their activity level. Like, did you know your coworker did a full Crossfit session during lunch? No?? Something new to talk about at the water cooler. Awkward silence thwarted once again!

Here's what we do:

Tom Newton, senior visuals editor & photographer: "I love running, I used to run cross country, I had terrible form and it messed me up, but it did make me happy. It's meditative for me; I feel so relaxed and clear after a long run. And the endorphin rush is very real. I try to do it 3 times a week, in the morning, with a quick stretch/floor workout inspired by Karen Lord afterwards. [Editor's note: Told you we loved her.] Sometimes I run 2 miles, sometimes 5... I like to go to Prospect Park and run on the trails. Afterwards, I make a smoothie the size of my head and drink it while watching a DP/30 interview, which is a non-negotiable step in the process."

Anna Jube, editorial assistant: "I hate the gym. Like Tom, I grew up running cross country—definitely one of the nerdier sports teams at my high school. We’d run a minimum of probably 9 miles a day, often up the canyon or along trails at the ski resorts. For a few years after high school I continued running, but I kept getting injured so I eventually switched to dancing as a form of cross-training. Now I run once or twice a week outdoors and do ballet or boxing on the other days. Nothing quite matches running for me—the high always hits me somewhere beyond the initial 5K mark. And I love ballet because even though I’m new to the technique, it comes surprisingly naturally."

Utibe Mbagwu, social media coordinator: "At least three mornings a week, I like to preface a full day of desk-sitting with a low-impact cardio workout. Against all fitness aspirations and New Year's Resolutions, I have accepted that I am not a runner, so a 45-minute elliptical course, followed by 5 to 10 minutes on the Stairmaster is what I consider a good day’s work. If I’m with a friend, we’ll head over to the free weights afterwards to work on our lunges and squats. If I’m by myself, it’s a perfect me-moment to catch up on Still Processing or whatever new Bravo show Andy Cohen has concocted."

Emily Ferber, editorial director: "I did not work out regularly until very recently—and the fact that I'm still doing it consistently impresses myself. I started off 2017 with one of those fitness resolutions–not to lose weight or to generically 'get healthy,' but to start establishing good habits that would support me for the rest of my life. And no dance cardio—dance cardio is ridiculous. Eventually I got sucked into the cult of SLT (that's Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone); it's like what Joseph Pilates would teach if he were on Molly. It's expensive, but nothing works as well. I do it twice a week."

Now, you go.

Photo via Getty Images.