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Watch: Top Shelf Live Feat. Alessandra Steinherr & Emily Weiss

First things first: Go read Alessandra Steinherr's Top Shelf. She's the Beauty Director of Glamour UK and your internet big sister when it comes to anything beauty related. It's a whopper. No really—go read it. Here's another link in case you missed the first one.

Once you've read the primer, you'll be permitted to watch the above. It is the full recording of the Top Shelf Live Emily Weiss and Alessandra did a few days ago at the Glossier Studio in London. (Did ya hear? We're launching there soon.) It's jam-packed full of good tips, like don't bleach your eyebrows and or get into a Bikram yoga kick while wearing extensions.

Watch the whole thing! Click play and then listen like a podcast! Or see below for a handy, time-stamped chapter guide. It's in your hands now. Do what you will.

The Talk
1:38 - How Emily and Alex met
8:58 - So…what’s a Beauty Director exactly?
13:21 - The origins of The Sunday Facial
16:25 - Alex’s beauty routine
19:52 - How to solve a self-tanning emergency
24:40 - Desert island products
33:35 - Thoughts on Botox
41:08 - Alex's beauty icons

The Q&A
44:44 - How do you manage social media and public perception?
51:30 - What's your approach to fragrance?

Shot and edited by Michael Tombeur.

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