Kelsey Darragh, Development Partner, Buzzfeed Motion Pictures


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"Hi! I'm Kelsey Darragh (@kelseydarraghcomedy). I live in Los Angeles and am a development partner and producer at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures. I recently executive produced and starred in a show dedicated to ‘adulting’ called Am I Doing This Right, and as an actual adult, I make comedy videos aimed at making girls laugh and feel good. I got into comedy the way most girls do—not getting enough attention from their parents, so I had to start acting out and being funny to get anyone to listen to me.

I work my balls off and the bags under my eyes prove that, so I'm all about self care. I think everyone should do whatever they want, as little or as much, as long as they feel like their best selves. I always say for myself, 'There is no such thing as owning too much makeup and moisturizer.' I start every morning with Belif's Aqua Bomb—this moisturizer is SO THICK but also light and fluffy. It absolutely makes no sense when I put it that wa,y but my dry skin stays moist all day and it smells like an expensive spa. I mix that with Perricone’s High Potency Face Firming Activator. I got it from Sephora and it was expensive as hell, but I swear by it. It's like a tightening cream plus moisturizer.

Next, I apply Smashbox’s Primer Oil, because honestly, there is nothing better. I like to smack it on versus rub it on because that stuff is oily AF and you don't wanna stack too much on. My makeup will last for days when I wear it. I mix two shades of Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation because, again, I am SO pale and it's very hard to find full casper coverage with drugstore brand makeup. If I’m going to an event or want to take a realz hot Instagram photo that day, I’ll contour with Anastasia’s Contour Cream Kit in Fair because duh, and on my cheeks, I put on Becca’s Jaclyn Hill Blush Duo in Champagne Splits.

My lip color depends on my mood that morning. I almost always pick out my lip color before picking out my outfit, it's actually easier for me to get dressed this way. I’m a collector of lip products but most days I’ll sweep on Tarte’s Wonder Lipsurgence because it's so creamy and smooth, it just feels like lip balm. They come in so many bold shades and are perfect for a loud but lazy girl like me. My eyeshadow which almost always comes from the MAC's Warm Neutrals Palette. It’s lasted me over a year, the colors are so versatile, and they look great on pale skin. I like switching up liquid liners but my favorite and number one go-to will always be Nyx The Curve. The curved handle really does make a difference in how easy it is to apply. That's all topped off with my favorite mascara in the whole world, Diorshow Blackout.

Oh my God, I got so into eyelash extensions last year. They last about one to two months depending on how well you take care of them and totally eliminate the need for mascara. Also, on days that I don’t wear makeup, I still feel really put-together when I catch a glimpse of my bare face and wispy lashes. I wish science would find a way to make them last even longer! I also keep a bag of makeup remover wipes in my bedside drawer for those nights we’ve all had where we are too tired—or too tipsy—to do our full face removing routine.

My hair has a ton of cowlicks, and during my middle school years, having a straightening iron and straightening your hair was all the rage. I used to make my mom wake up super early to try and straighten out all of it and I would cry when they didn’t lay flat. Now I’m obsessed with the natural volume it gives my hair. My routine is to drink enough every couple of months to trim it myself. I’ve watched too many Instagram videos where I think I can do it, but I think it’s saved me quite a bit of money going to the salon. I always think about dyeing my hair red because I’m so pale and I think red hair looks awesome year-round. 2017 is about taking risks though, so who knows? Maybe I need a good breakup or something to get me to do it.

I only get my nails done for special occasions. I work with a lot of heavy production equipment and I was so over wasting a $40 mani because I needed to do my job. That's kind of my whole thing—my routine for beauty is either wake up early enough to spend about 20 minutes applying, put on a good podcast, make some tea and transform myself OR wear nothing and not give a shit. It's either full-glam or bridge troll."

—as told to ITG