Chloe x Halle, Musicians


Chloe: Well, I’m Chloe.

Halle: And I’m Halle. And we go as Chloe x Halle. We are musicians, singers, sisters, best friends… [Laughs] Right now we are working on our album that will be coming out early next year and we’re on tour with Andra Day and that has been so much fun.

Chloe: So much fun! We're originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but we’re based in LA right now. And when we were transitioning from Atlanta to LA we were very excited wondering what it was going to be like. When we were packing, we saw a grasshopper on our front porch—we are really into symbols and signs that the universe sends, so we looked up what the grasshopper means. Apparently, it means that you’re going in the right direction and that you need to spring forward because there are so many possibilities ahead.

Halle: That was really cool... We still have pictures of it! We got to go on the Formation tour this year, too. Our skin has also been clear and we've never had to do much to it, besides the lipsticks and extra pizzaz we like to have on stage. But on that tour, we started doing so much makeup that it really broke me out. And the water in Europe was not great for me—something about it made my forehead really bad. That had never happened to me before, I had no idea what was going on. I asked Chloe, ‘What’s going on?!’

Chloe: She freaked out! [Laughs]

Halle: I was asking everyone what to do. The background singers, the mamas, and everyone else were so sweet. They were saying, ‘Oh girl, it’s okay. It’s probably just the water.’ That was really sweet but I didn’t know what was happening—my skin was fine this tour, though.

Chloe: We also love to put coconut oil on our skin before we put makeup on too. And it makes it easier to wipe off and still nice and moisturized.

Halle: We love coconut oil from anywhere really. We just got one at CVS because we ran out of the one we had from Whole Foods. We both use it for our hair, our skin, everything.

Chloe: What else do we use?

Halle: We use Aveda's facial moisturizer.

Chloe: And we love lipsticks.

Halle: Oooooh yeah.

Chloe: Today, I’m wearing Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip, it’s a really beautiful red called Mon Chéri.

Halle: Beauty Bakerie is awesome.

Chloe: It never comes off, so they have these special wipes to get it off. We always wear it when we're performing because your lips are on the mic and it gets all over the place.

Halle: That’s the worst.

Chloe: Even with food, it won’t come off.

Halle: When we don't have to sing, we use regular lipsticks, but these are easier for me now at this point in my life because we're always talking and singing. You don't want to risk getting some on your teeth, which can be embarrassing.

Chloe: I’ve been using a lot of matte lipsticks or a very glossy lip. It’s never in between.

Halle: Did you use the MAC gloss?

Chloe: I love the MAC gloss. They have a really good gloss.

Halle: We do gloss on our lids too. Kevyn Aucoin makes one that looks like it’s just petroleum jelly gloss with some shimmer. I normally don’t use the shimmer shadow, just the gloss. It lasts all day.

Chloe: It barely creases too! The horror story is that I tried to do glossy lids one time and we had a show in the summertime and my butt put coconut oil on my eyelids and it looked cool but the coconut oil was melting down my eyes and I will never do that again.

Halle: She was like, ‘My eyes, my eyes, my eyes!’ and I was like 'Chloe, why would you do that?’

Chloe: Vaseline works too but this is specifically made for that.

Halle: Right now during our tour we haven’t been putting anything on our skin when we are on stage. All we do is a pop of lip, brows, mascara, and the glossy lid. I feel like if I have the glossy lid, it kind of camouflages all the rest of my skin.

Chloe: For me, I use Make Up For Ever HD Concealer. It’s nice and natural and it wakes me up. Since that horror story in Europe, we don’t use foundation.

Halle: For our hair, we both have locs.

Chloe: Mine are just braided.

Halle: Yes, Chloe braided hers—that's how we get them to curl. We love our hair and we’ve had our hair since we were little, little girls. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have locs. I’d be so lost.

Halle: So it’s pretty low-maintenance. We just twist them every three or four months and then we wash it all the time and curl it all the time. Super easy.

Chloe: Don't forget—we do castor oil on our eyelashes and eyebrows to make them grow.

Halle: [Snaps] And I love the new Covergirl mascara.

Chloe and Halle in unison: The So Lashy!

Halle: They have this new brush and it has the little ball at the top and you can really get in there. It spreads it out.

Chloe: And that's really it.

Halle: I think we did good!

Chloe: Good job sis!

—as told to ITG

Chloe x Halle photographed by Edith Young on December 1, 2016.